X-men Gold #1

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Penciler: Ardian Syaf
Inker: Jay Leisten
Colorist: Frank Martin
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel

A review by Greg Brothers 

“To Me, My X-Men…”

And with those four simple words the X-Men are back from the purgatory they have found themselves in for the last few years. While you can agree, or disagree whether Marvel was using the X-men correctly the last few years one thing that can be agreed on is that starting with Death of X and ending with the Inhuman vs X-Men event the X-Men has returned to the limelight within the Marvel Universe.

X-Men Gold #1 drops the reader right into the action as Kitty Pryde leads her team into battle against the once thought dead Terrax. After some classic X-men teamwork the team puts an end to the threat and are reminded that the citizens around them do not like or trust them. As the dust settles we are treated to a classic X-man baseball game as the team discusses what their next step is and what their purpose is. Finally, just as the awkward tension between former flames Kitty and Piotr reaches its highest point the team is called away to fight an unfamiliar version of one of their greatest enemies.

X-Men Gold #1 brings the team back down to their core. Guggenheim hits the team dynamic perfectly in both in battle and in times of team bonding. The way that all the characters play off each other will remind longtime readers of the X-men everything that they use to love about the team dynamic. While bringing the team back to the forefront the past of the characters is not left totally behind either. The past relationships are there as great reminders for loyal fans of these characters, but it is done in a way that newer readers or those that may have fallen off the franchise will not feel left in the dark. Another part that Guggenheim hits perfectly is the humor that has been a X-Men staple. At one point as the team discusses the fact that Terrax was believed dead before they ran into him, over half of the team quips that they were dead themselves at one point. In addition to the action and the humor the character development that comes in down times is here also as members of the team break off and have conversations between themselves that lets the readers know what the true feelings of some of the members of the team are.

Syaf and Leisten’s art is perfectly done with the perfect amount of realism, while creating scenes that are truly extraordinary. Martins colors are bright and dynamic allowing the uniforms to pop and stand out against each other. One other thing that is included in the book is a 5-page timeline that lays out the history of the X-Men and their major storylines. It is a nice bonus for those that are new to the franchise and were afraid they would be overwhelmed by X-Men history.

The Verdict
Buy it!
If you are a fan of the X-men franchise then X-men Gold #1 brings back everything that you more than likely remember and love about the franchise. The action, the character development, and the humor is all there to engage the reader from the moment that you turn to page one. The X-Men are being back in from the wilderness and this is your chance to jump on and enjoy the ride.

Gregory Brothers
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