WWE #1

WWE #1

Writer: Dennis Hopless
Artist: Serg Acuna
Colorist: Doug Garbark
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

A review by Greg Brothers


When it comes to the WWE one thing that they have always been able to do is market themselves in many ways so that their fans can constantly feel like they are part of the WWE Universe. The newest way to try and connect with their fans comes out this week with WWE #1, from BOOM! Studios. WWE has put out comic books in the past through various companies, but this is the first one where it takes a much more realistic approach and tries to tie the current television story lines into the plot of the comic book.

WWE #1 picks up right where WWE:Then, Now, Forever left off, which is with Seth Rollins turning his back on his partners in The Shield. Here we see Rollins as he navigates his new solo career as he fights. First to try and win the Money in the Bank match and then later the WWE championship. Not only is Rollins forced to learn how to handle himself in the ring as a singles wrestler, but he must also learn how to deal with the backlash back stage of joining up with the authority, while also trying to prove to Triple H that he is worthy and ready for a shot at the championship. There is also a short backup story featuring the New Day that focuses on their search for the power of positivity.

The WWE’s strength has always been its story telling to keep the audience interested what is going on in the ring while they are moving the storylines forward. In WWE #1, Hopeless pulls back the curtain of what is seen on television and adds some backstage and personal elements to the storylines that the fans of the television and live shows already know. Since these are events that have happen over two years ago, in real-time Hopeless has the luxury of knowing where the story goes so he can adjust some of the character’s behavior based on those results including placing seeds of the eventual changes in personalities of the characters.

Acuna’s art throughout WWE #1 is realistic with just enough campiness to remind you that this is a comic book based on the fantasy world of professional wrestling. The characters all look identical to their real counterparts while the expressions sell the atmosphere and tone.

The Verdict
Wait and See.
If you are a fan of the WWE a book like WWE #1 can be a double-edged sword. In one way, you are not surprised what happens within the ring between the WWE superstars, however the backstage and personal lives help add to the stories that you already know. If you are a huge fan on the WWE, then WWE #1 is the perfect book for you. Hopeless really does link the story that is known with the mysteries of the backstage area seamlessly. If you are a casual fan of the WWE, then WWE #1 may be of little interest and come off as very one dimensional.

Gregory Brothers
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