Will & Grace 2016

The final episode of Will & Grace aired in 2006. Never afraid to get political or make jokes about hot-button issues, the show resonates with mixed emotions for many who look back at the television landscape ten years prior. It had recently been rumoured that the cast of the NBC series had reunited for some secret purpose, and it has finally been revealed what for: an exclusive video for Vote Honey featuring all four original main cast members about the 2016 election.

Although celebrities have made videos and even staged reunions encouraging people to get out and vote before (I am acutely aware of Ron Howard reprising his role as Opie from The Andy Griffith Show in 2008) this is one time where it doesn’t actually feel like a kind of ploy. These ten minutes completely feel in the tone of the original series, with full production values, soundtrack, and laugh track.

The ten-minute video plays like a lost episode of Will & Grace that’s edited out the B Plot, albeit one where they talk about current events like Donald Trump, 50 Shades of Grey, Brangelina, and Katy Perry. I’m seriously so impressed at how accurately they brought everything back. From the sets to the costumes to the perfect timing of each joke, the chemistry between the actors is definitely still there. Small acknowledgements like Jack saying the food in the fridge remind you why so many people loved this show.

To watch the “new episode” for yourself, check out the video linked directly below. Also, call Netflix. You never know.


Billy Seguire
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