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November 28th – December 2nd

10 years ago Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII Versus, and after rolling around in Development Hell for those 10 years, it is finally coming out as Final Fantasy XV. Early reviews from around the web say it is good, if a little disconnected. Be prepared to drop about 60 hours to complete this behemoth of a game.

The other big game this week, arriving on December 2nd, is Super Mario Maker for 3DS. It brings all of the level building over form the Wii U version, but you cannot download or search for levels online. Instead everything is handled using local communications with other 3DS systems. While this won’t be a huge deal to anyone in a large metropolitan area, it has already put a black mark on what would otherwise be a fantastic game.

November 28 –
BladeShield Vive
November 29 –
Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Win
Steins;Gate 0 PS4, PSVita
Final Fantasy XV PS4, XBO
Watch Dogs 2 Win
November 30 –
Townsmen Win
December 1 –
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney iOS
Maize Win
Rad Rodgers: World One Win
The Dwarves Win, Mac, Lin, PS4, XBO
December 2 –
Furi XBO
Little Briar Rose Win
Steep Win, PS4, XBO
Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS 3DS


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