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March 20 – March 26

The long awaited Mass Effect: Andromeda releases for current gen platforms. After a five year break from the Mass Effect universe, Andromeda has created a swirl of hype around this game that has fans already chomping at the bit. Expect a review by the end of the month.

Mario Sports Superstars looks to be fun as well, packaging 5 sports games into 1. The previous entries in handheld Mario sports games such as Mario Golf and Mario Tennis, have shown a surprising amount of depth, and it will be interesting to see if that carries over in the bundle package.

March 21
Mass Effect: Andromeda Win, PS4, XBO
Toukiden 2 Win, PS4, PSVite
Troll and I Win, PS4, XBO
March 16
Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey PS4, XBO
Mario Sports Superstars 3DS
Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Win, PS4, PSVita


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