My apologies for the lack of Funko Friday last week – if I’m being incredibly honest with you, I’m slightly Funko’d out! I needed a bit of breathing space from the article and come back this week, refreshed and ready to bring you all the new goods created by the wonderful team behind Funko. In my absence they have created A LOT of new Funko products! So much so that I may have to split this into two parts! There is no point wasting anymore time, here is what Funko has in store for you!

Bob Ross


The soft-spoken creator and host of The Joy of Painting, is now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment. He can be all yours at around April time!



This series of Pop! Music includes all four members of the legendary band Metallica! Add James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo to your collection this Summer. I do love the fact their finally adding to Pop! Music I cannot wait to see which other singers and bands will join the Funko family (crossing fingers for a series of Lady Gaga Funko Pops).

SDCC Exclusives Wave 6 – DC


For San Diego Comic Con the Funko crew are bringing out newFunko additions for the DC. Ares will be added to the Wonder Woman family. There will also be a new addition to the Suicide Squad family with Joker Batman. Speaking of Batman, they also have a stunning blue chrome variant, a special Batmobile action figure colorway, and Interplanetary Batman with a space helmet! I love the blue chrome variant Batman, it’ so beautiful! They also have new Justice League Funko’s which are Aquaman and Bruce Wayne.

SDCC Exclusives Wave 7 – TV


Funko are adding a load of television characters to their forever growing pop collection. You can now collect Black Lodge Cooper & Laura 2-pack from Twin Peaks, Masked Elliot Alderson from Mr Robot, T-Dog from The Walking Dead, Clara from Doctor Who, The Tick from, well, The Tick as well as Steve from Stranger Things and Mr Clarke from Stranger Things.

You can buy your Funko Pops here!

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