The 5 People You Meet In Hell: E2

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13438938_1137732169620090_3893430641082305450_nIn this episode, Dave gets a chance to play with his high school garage band again and relive all the glory of his bass guitar – with 10 extra years of experience! But his envy gets the better of him and Anya’s special permits get in the way of fate.

Dave is just a regular guy who does regular things until all of a sudden he dies and is damned to hell for all of eternity. With Dave’s caseworker from hell (literally), he takes a trip down Memory Lane to relive the five biggest and worst moments from his life that directly influenced the big decision.

The 5 People You Meet In Hell is a 6-episode series.


VRMP is a non-profit production company co-founded and produced by Stephanie Cooke, Emily Milling, and Lily Mills.

VRMP: The 5 People You Meet in Hell is made possible by the donations and support of people like you. Please visit to help keep our show a reality. Want to advertise with us? Send an email to and we can create a hell themed ad for you!

This episode was written by Billy Seguire with Stephanie Cooke.

Live production and stage management by Lily Mills

Additional writing support by Jenn Walker, Craig Webster, Sunny Hope, Joey Matthews, Nikki Alfaro, Alice Quinn, Diana McCallum, Brandy Dawley, James Cooper and Hafsa Alk

Voices by Steve Shanahan, Adelina Pipher, Richard Chuang, Brad O’Donnell, Pam Pilkington, Brandy Dawley, April Etmanski, Emily Milling, Craig Webster Lily Mills

Commercials by Stefhan Iwaskow, Zack Dowd, Brody Currie, Blair Slater, Alex Shannon, and Jenny Tang and Alice Quinn

Music by Emily Milling, Jenny Tang and Steven Speers

Live Sound mixing and effects by Lily Mills

Podcast production and editing by Emily Milling

Learn more about VRMP here.

Stephanie Cooke
Stephanie is a Toronto based writer and editor. She's a comic book fan, avid gamer, movie watcher, lover of music, and sarcasm. She is a purveyor of too many projects and has done work for Talking Comics,, Agents of Geek, Word of the Nerd, C&G Magazine, Dork Shelf, and more. Her writing credits include "Home Sweet Huck" (Mark Millar's Millarworld Annual 2017), "Lungarella (Secret Loves of Geek Girls, 2016), "Behind Enemy Linens" (BLOCKED Anthology, 2017), "Home and Country" (Toronto Comics Anthology, 2017) and more to come. You can read more about her shenanigans over on her <a href="">personal web site</a>.

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