Krypton– Episode 9: “Hope”

Starring: Cameron Cuffe, Georgina Campbell, Ann Ogbomo, Wallis Day, Blake Ritson, Colin Salmon, and Elliot Cowan
Written by: Chad Fiveash and James Patrick Stoteraux
Directed by: Lukas Ettlin

Welcome back, citizens, to the TV Reaction to Krypton! This time we are going to be looking at episode 9, the penultimate episode of the SyFy Channel’s freshman series. Fingers crossed this episode continues the show’s upward trend and doesn’t blow the wheels off of itself right as they are starting to spin.

Last time we looked in on Krypton, Seg-El still sucked but was leading an attempted uprising against Brainiac, who has taken the host body of Kandor City’s main religious and governmental leader, The Voice of Rao. Helping to stem Seg’s suckitude were the gorgeous and badass ladies Lyta-Zod and Nyssa-Vex, who continue to steal every scene they are in.

We also got some quality face time with Jayna-Zod (the luminous Ann Ogbomo), her chiseled grandson from the future, the infamous General Zod (Colin Salmon), and a new female-coded Jax-Ur, yet another figure from Superman’s past making their debut on the show. Oh, and Adam Strange buggered off to Rann, but then buggered back just in time to save Seg from a bomb with the Zeta Beam and now he is stuck in some kinda limbo. All caught up?! WHO CARES!? Follow along with me HERE and let’s watch us some TV shall we? It will be just like having friends. Which I have read is pretty sweet.

-The “Previously On” is reminding us that Jayna had a brother that she doomed to the ice outside Kandor City. Surely that won’t come into play this episode, right? RIGHT?!

-God, I am so over Doomsday just as a concept. There are so many other, far more interesting Superman villains. Metallo. Mongul. Parasite. And those are just off the top of my HEAD

-The makeup effects on the show are really top notch.

-Brainiac is adding “serial killer” to his long list of accomplishments.

-They sent Kem away?! You are gonna bench one of your best actors?! BOOOO says I!

-Ah, yes, the perfect time for sex is right after an admission of shame and regret. You can really tell this was written by some former Vampire Diaries people.

-Brainiac’s ship is very… hentai…

-Wait! Jax-Ur isn’t Jax-Ur!? *GASP* I really do need more about the Science Guild though. Of all the Guilds, that’s the one that this show really needs to show the most love.

-”Dedicating my life to easing suffering has given me a keen insight on how to inflict it.” Sela-Sonn ain’t playing.

-”To think you were expecting ME to screw you guys over.” My love for Nyssa-Vex just grows and grows.

-As much as I am over Doomsday, I DO think its hilarious that all the characters take a pensive pause before they say his name like every time. It is dumb quirks like that that is gonna get me in deep with this damn show.

-SEG IS GENERAL ZOD’S DADDY?! This show is playing so fast and loose with continuity, you’d think it was written by Brian Michael Bendis. HEYYYOOOOO! UP TOP! (but seriously I am v worried about Bendis’ upcoming Superman run).

-Zod got Capone’s Vaulted. Heh

-Jayna is the superior Zod.

-So Jax-Ur took a stand against the icky eugenics-lite of Kryptonian reproduction. Jax-Ur, welcome to the resistance.

-Commercial break. Deadly Class looks fucking awesome. The comic is really great too. When Rick Remender is on, he is REALLY bloody on. Plus! The Russos! They gave us Community’s “Cooperative Calligraphy”. They get a pass forever in my book.

-Still a commercial break, but T’CHALLA is in Gods of Egypt?! I guess I need to see Gods of Egypt now.

-The developed relationship between Lyta and Jayna is really the heart of this show. We need a lot more mother/daughter stories like that in science fiction.

-Daron-Vex is like a human bad penny.

-Another commercial break. Surely smarter people than me have talked about how Jurassic World 2: Jurassic Harder is basically just the same plot as The Lost World, right?


-Watching Ann Ogbomo fight is like watching the most violent ballet every produced.

-GodDAMMIT, Lyta.

-Look at Seg! Building bridges between enemy factions! That’s very Kal-El and I am very into it.

-Man that when tits up almost instantly. I always forget that Brainiac is somewhat telepathic.

-And telekinetic? Apparently? Why the hell not?

-NYSSA! Coming through in the clutch!

-WE HAVE GONE FULL BRAINIAC. I REPEAT FULL BRAINIAC! And the costume is dope as hell.

NEXT TIME! The season finale! Until then, I’ll be seeing you!

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