Krypton– Episode 8: “Savage Night”

Starring: Cameron Cuffe, Shaun Sipos, Georgina Campbell, Colin Salmon, Elliot Cowan, Ann Ogbomo, Wallis Day, Blake Ritson, and Hannah Waddingham
Written by: Davic Kob
Directed by: Marc Roskin

I decided to try something different over here at Legion HQ. While I have really enjoyed reviewing Krypton just as is, I was curious what my piece would look like if I wrote about it in real time. Enter the TV REACTION! A real-time running commentary written AS I watch the episode in question. Was it fun? Absolutely! Will you like it? WHO KNOWS?! But we are going to find out together. SO come with me now fellow TV Legionaries as we watch Krypton episode together!

What follows are my real time thoughts on this week’s Krypton as I watch it. (Watch along with Justin to Episode 8: “Savage Night” on Syfy.) 

-I don’t really understand why Adam Strange basically is just Booster Gold on this show, but hey, I have rolled with it this far.

-SARDATH! At least we finally get some semblance of Rannian culture.

-I do really love how Krypton has no problem committing to the truly bugnuts aspects of DC’s cosmic mythos.

-”I was MEANT to save Superman!”. Methinks Adam has a crush. And same, tbh.

-”Seg’s grandson, there is no one like him in the universe. He could have been a god, but he chose humanity. He’s the best of both our worlds.” For as much shit as I have given this show, it really and truly understands the appeal and core character of Superman which is something we desperately need on TV right now.

-Kem is really good, but I don’t think he would be if anyone but Rasmus Hardiker played him. Take this as my ringing endorsement for Your Highness in which Hardiker deploys one of the funniest jokes in that whole movie.

-God, Seg still sucks. Dump him, Lyta. You can do so much better.

-Genesis Chamber! More Man of Steel weirdness! Into it!

-I would listen to Colin Salmon read the fucking phone book and PAY for the pleasure.

-So are we to assume that Seg and Nyssa’s caste-born kid is Jor-El? Because…I assume.

-Kinda love that the Voice of Rao/Brainiac shaved that rubbish goatee but kept his greasy fuckboi hair.

-I also love that Daron-Vex is like Diet Littlefinger; all of the ambition, but none of the actual skill.

-Commercial break. God, I already miss The Expanse.

-Seg super sucks but he still manages to have two amazing women in his orbit. I don’t get it.


-The cold weather gear really looks like Stillsuits from Dune thus continuing to affirm my belief that the production designers just kept watching Lynch’s Dune and going, “I’ll have some of that!”

-The lady that plays Jax-Ur, Hannah Waddingham, is the same lady who played Septa Unella in Game of Thrones. Good on her for carving out a little fandom niche for herself.

-For a Fortress of Solitude, Seg suuuuure does bring everyone and their dogs to it.

-I don’t love how Supes’ cape went from being a major plot device to fan-servicey set dressing.

-I don’t like that everyone is being mean to Adam, but I DO like these flashbacks to Rann. They are finally fleshing him out a bit more, which is always appreciated. Now if we can only get him in his awesome costume then we will be in business.

-”You are dumber than a box of dumb things!”. Adam Strange, wordsmith.

-Our first mention of the Phantom Zone!

-I really like how Salmon is playing General Zod. He is more noble and heartfelt than some of the others. He still can’t help but be resentful of Superman and his adoption of humanity, but he doesn’t take any pleasure in it. It is a welcome change of pace from Zod just being a one dimensional despot.

-JAYNA FIGHT SCENE. Ann Ogbomo is a goddamn treasure.

-”I’m an El. We always find a way.” MORE OF THIS, PLEASE.

-Blake Ritson is really adding some next level creepiness to his portrayal of Brainiac. He does like this little shakes and shimmies that make him seem totally inhuman and it’s great stuff. It is nice to see an actor really delve into physicality for a part.

-Zeta Beam Cliffhanger!

Verdict: Watch It

With only two episodes left in the first season, Krypton is leaps and bounds better than it was. By committing to its own source material’s zaniness and the core values of the Man of Tomorrow, the show has grown from a flimsy Game of Thrones knock off to a solid and entertaining standard bearer of the House of El.

Until next time #SaveTheExpanse and I’ll be seeing you.

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