True North Country Comics Celebrates Year One

Spotlight by Josh Rose

Comics are not just merely an American invention. People from all over the world create comics and share their love for the medium. True North Country Comics is a platform whose goal it is to recognize and promote Canadian talent in the world of comics. And you may recognize many of the names.

On August 20, TNCC celebrated one year of seeking out Canadian creators and promoting their content. Their website supports a number of podcasts and interviews, a complete calendar of events, and weekly updates on new books by Canadian creators.

TNCC began in 2017 when Canada was caught up in its 150-year celebration, and it has since covered numerous festivals, conventions, book launches, panels, and much more–all to celebrate Canadians in the world of comics.

“It’s been an honour to discover Canadian comic book creators and to share their personal stories with the rest of the world — from up-and-coming independents to those working on globally recognized comic books. It all started with the question ‘Do Canadians make comic books?’ So, the website and podcast has become just our small way of acknowledging the comic book creators and supporters across this great country.” – John Swinimer, editor and publisher, True North Country Comics
“True North Country Comics is a great resource for those interested in Canadian comic book creators. I love seeing what my country-mates have coming out on a weekly basis and am always proud to be included on the site.” – Michael Walsh, comic book creator for Marvel Comics’ Star Wars: The Last Jedi adaptation
“I have so much respect for John’s efforts in showcasing Canadian talent in the comic book industry, when there’s very few Canadian media outlets that do. On top of that, he’s a very warm and friendly person, a pleasure to see at the convention scene.” – Jason Loo, creator of The Pitiful Human-Lizard
“Enjoy a quality look into the Canadian comic’s scene thanks to John and True North Country Comics!” – Ramón Pérez, cartoonist for DC Comics, Marvel Comics and more
“John is a thoughtful interviewer with a keen passion for the Canadian comics scene. I always look forward to chatting with him at cons!” – Steven Andrews, editor, Toronto Comix Anthology

Check out True North Country Comics’ celebratory video below:

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