Transfer #1

Transfer #1

Writer/Colourist/Letterer: Matt Garvey
Artist: Eder Messiah
: LabRat Comics

A review by Amelia Wellman

Transfer #1The year is 2029 and humanity is on file. In the past, it was easy. If you were say a famous actor disenchanted with fame, or a billionaire philanthropist that’s a hairs breadth away from being indicted in a class action lawsuit, you would fake your own death, have a surgery, come back as someone new, and be the sole beneficiary to your previous wealth. In the not too distant future, the only way to achieve the same result is with a clean body. This is where Stephen Bannister, the Coyote, can help.

Transfer #1 lays down all we need to know about the world that the story takes place in. Humanity is on file. There’s no escaping who you were born as because your DNA gives you away. The only way to start again is to put your mind into a different body. That’s where Stephen comes in. He’s a mind mule, implanting others into himself to get them over borders and past police detection so they can start again. Transfer #1 has him acting as host to a notorious mob boss. I can’t say much without giving away the whole narrative of the first issue, but needless to say, he shouldn’t have gotten involved with the mob.

I’m not really much a sci-fi fan but Transfer #1 is a compelling read regardless of the genres you usually indulge. The action starts up quickly and there is only just enough information revealed about the science and technology of this word to keep your interest piqued. While it is a little wordy at parts, the tone and pacing of the comic are spot on, so it’s something you might notice a few pages in, but promptly forget as you move through the story. Besides, it’s issue one of a sci-fi story; exposition plays an important role so we as the readers aren’t instantly lost in this world.

The art of Transfer #1 is detailed and expressive, without leaning too far into the unrealistic. There’s a good balance of cartoony overreactions to situations and realistic human body portions, making the character designs hit just right. There’s also a great use of colour throughout and the panels are artfully laid out to keep your eye moving eagerly from scene to scene.

The Verdict
Buy it!
Transfer #1 is a great start to an original sci-fi action series. It pays homage to some huge properties while striking out to create its own story and voice. And from this point onwards, like any good sci-fi offering, things should only ramp up!

Transfer #1 is available now on comiXology and through Matt Garvey’s personal website.

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