Due to the extreme popularity of the newly released Marvel’s Infinity War, the name Thanos seems to have become more popular, with many critics citing him as Marvel’s greatest supervillain. The fictional character from Marvel is known for his insatiable desire to seek and conquer. He is also popular as well for his obsession with the bodily representation of death, Mistress Death.

His recent quest, according to the new release, sees him trying to form the infinity gauntlet. This can only be achieved by assembling several unique gems from different locations, and it looks like a piece of cake for him. Thanos Infinity war saw all the Marvel superheroes coming together as the Avengers in a bid to try and stop him from wreaking more damage.

Who is Thanos?

Let’s skip a few sequels and look at the basics. Who is Thanos? According to the fictional biography created for him, he is the son of two entities from the Eternals race who was born looking different from others. This can be attributed to his possessing the genes of the humanoid race Deviants. He was born on Titan, the moon belonging to the planet Saturn.

In his adolescent years, he has gained an inexplicable love for death, which becomes the driving force for the scores of lives he will wipe out.

Who plays Thanos? In the last four sequels involving the brute supervillain, his voicing and hand motions are played by American actor Josh J. Brolin. He was previously voiced by notable actor/stuntman Damion Poitier.

Is there anyone who’s got much power?

Well, with the Infinity Gauntlet, without any doubt. However, there are several Marvel heroes who, when matched up against him, can send him reeling in the guts. While he might be seen as the strongest Marvel character existed, our list below selects some super characters who could defeat him in no time.


  1. Franklin Richards
Franklin Richards

The son of Mr Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, Frankie’s strength should not be underestimated. For someone strong enough to defeat a celestial and repair dying celestial body, it looks like he might be in shape. To beat the Titan out of his senses, that is.

  1. Dormammu

Dormammu vs Thanos? Come on, that’s going to end in a sombre manner for the son of Mentor. The infinite Lord of the Dark Dimension isn’t some god to be messed with; he could give the son of Mentor a run for his money.

  1. Scarlet Witch

Not much is known about this hero (she’s made only two appearances) but the comic books will tell you better. She possesses dangerous, reality-changing powers and we believe she can take Thanos on in a face-off.

  1. Nebula
Nebula (played by Karen Gillan)

If Thanos daughter gets to deliver the annihilating blow, Nebula would be a perfect fit. For one, her almost unstoppable rage stems from a deep root of hatred for her adopted father. In the infinity War sequel, she is portrayed to become even more powerful. She would have the ability to take him head-on.

  1. Drax the Destroyer

Drax is the other guy whose resilience could make him withstand great amounts of beatings. He, like Nebula is also an unstoppable current of rage and has enough stamina to outdo Thanos in a showdown.

  1. The Beyonder

Sometimes, the greatest power one can possess lies in mind. And that’s exactly what the Beyonder possesses. His omnipotence can be his biggest asset in doing very little with phenomenal effects.

  1. Lady Death

When it comes to the physical embodiment of death Marvel comics point out Thanos’ virtually inexplicable obsession with her. It’s not surprising that should things go wrong, Lady Death can pull the puppet strings on him and bring into a totally subservient state.

  1. Captain America

    Captain America

Although he is only a super-enhanced human, Captain America’s biggest strength lies in his passion and determination. His aversion to giving up makes him a worthy superhero with incredible strength, possibly more than our supervillain of the moment.

  1. Hulk

We remember that the Hulk’s strength is driven by his anger. The more vexed, the more strength. And a good part of his anger gets activated when his fellow-heroes get attacked. There’s a good chance that Hulk is strong enough to knock Thanos out.

  1. Legion

Should the son of Professor X take on Thanos Marvel analysts believe that the Titan may not stand a chance. Legion’s psych control stretches across minds and worlds alike, bending them to do whatever he deems fit.

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