I am by no means a picky person when it comes to my movies. I graduated with a B.A in Film. I can sit through anything at this point in my life. If someone makes a great comic book movie, or even, a good movie in general, I still find the good in it because I choose to see the good in this world. (I’ve been watching a lot of Westworld. Don’t you dare judge me.)

However, the world has continued to show me something a bit different. I’ve seen DC movies come and go, some good some bad, but the smack in the middle of them was Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer. I had mixed feelings about it. A lot of mixed feelings actually. I really wanted to like it, but it was a one and done for me. It was a complicated mess, a watchable complicated mess, that I have to force myself to forget Jared Leto was there. It wasn’t my favorite DC movie, but it was entertaining, a mess, but still very much entertaining. (Thank you Will Smith.)

Gotham City Sirens Suicide SquadAwhile ago, the news broke that Gotham City Sirens was going to become a movie. I was ecstatic. Last week, the news broke that David Ayer, the director of Suicide Squad, will take over the reigns once again and direct Gotham City Sirens. My excitement level….dropped 100%. I would like to say something that people may or may not agree with. This is only my humble and honest opinion.

David Ayer should not be allowed to direct Gotham City Sirens.

Now, I have nothing against Mr. Ayer*. I really liked his movie Fury cause it’s a great movie. Its filled with WW2, dirty pretty dudes, Logan Lerman, big tanks, an incredible script and…. fury. I was excited to see Suicide Squad because moving out of Batman VS. Superman, I had the need for something fun in a DC movies. It sparked my aesthetic and filled me with delight to see amazing DC villains on screen that should be apart of the DC narrative. However, after seeing Suicide Squad, I think Mr. Ayer should not be allowed to touch anything dealing with women or superheroes.

Again, this is ONLY my opinion. The thoughts and reflections of myself do not reflect Rogues Portal at all, but I want to ask DC a question. Why him?

Did you even try to look around for any other directors that would be able to give these characters the proper treatment? Did you look around for female directors to… I don’t know… direct an all female movie? Not even women either… just a competent person who is a director? One who doesn’t try to sabotage their movie and public image BEFORE the movie comes out? Did you even try?

Gotham City Sirens Guillem March
Gotham City Sirens by Guillem March

If people don’t know the story of Gotham City Sirens, written by Paul Dini and art by Guillem March, it’s basically the friendship, teamwork and lives of Harley Quinn, Catwoman (Selena Kyle) and Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley) as they make a new agenda and start to play by their own rules, like bad b*tches do. The girls hide out and make their own rules as the comic sets itself after a couple of comics books, but mainly Heart of Hush. Catwoman’s heart-stopping (hahaha cause he steals her heart) brush with Hush sets off a motion of events including Dick Grayson taking the role of Batman. Inside Gotham City Siren‘s though, there a couple of stories going on so I won’t get to heavily into it, but you should definitely give them a read to know what you’ll be getting into.

But again, I must ask you. Did you try? David Ayer getting his hands on this movie is basically going to extend male ego in the portrayal of what woman should be. Mr. Ayer directing a movie about three very important women in the DC/Batman Universe doesn’t sit well with me. It doesn’t make me feel good, especially when I had to sit through Suicide Squad with a bunch of men just WAITING for Harley Quinn to bend over. Mr. Ayer practically handed Harley Quinn over to them, making her a funny and sexy prop and he gave them what they wanted.

With this movie that embodies female amazingness, this is my concern. The characters are DC villains, yes. They use what they have to manipulate and get what they want, yes, but… I want to see more than that because they are more than that. They are real woman with feelings and complicated lives. They’ve been through a hell of an existence and I want their stories to shine, not only their bodies. I want to see the friendship between these woman. I want to see the queer relationships without it being baited or thrown in for the male gaze. I want the stories of these three women shown respectfully and honestly. Yes, some sexy thrown in cause come on I’m not dead, I like pretty ladies too, but I want something more than male fantasy spank in my movies. Have we not evolved to something more than that?

We have neglected women directing superhero movies for a long f*cking time and it’s such a shame. I mean… if you need a list of fantastic female directors I can give you some. Want me to go for the style you want? I can do that. Wanna go stylish and envoke Marie Antoinette? Sophia Coppella is your girl. Want something big, bad, boom and bold? Katheryn Bigelow. Want something cool and bold? Ava DuVerney, Lisa Cholodenko, Jennifer Kent. Want something COMPLETELY out of the box and beautifully stunning? Call Tricia Brock. Want something coming of age and funny? Lynne Ramsey, Andrea Arnold and Jill Soloway. Want someone who is recognized in directing some badass shows? S.J. Clarkson and Michelle MacLaren. Oh… would you want to shine light in the fact that the Gotham City Sirens are queer? Call Kimberley Pierce, Dee Rees or Jodie Foster.

Or… I don’t know… HOW ABOUT ASK THE DIRECTOR OF WONDER WOMAN? PATTY JENKINS. Is that a conflict of interest? Maybe, but if J.J Abrams can switch franchises, I damn well know she can too. You know what, even Margot Robbie is 2000% more equip to direct this movie. I have more faith in her than Mr. Ayer.

Again, I’m not even saying get a female director, but just… someone else. Get a director competent enough to recognize what they got and fall in love with the girls as much as we comic book fans have.

Gotham City Sirens HarleyI will say this, the best thing about this upcoming film is going to be Margot Robbie’s direct influence in it. She did a knockout job as Harley Quinn (even though I still question that outfit), but she’s up there with the best of them when portraying our beloved psychiatrist and hyena mummy. It concerns me cause… how much power do you think she may have? She’ll play a role as Executive Producer and have her say in where these roles go, but knowing DC and Mr. Ayer, I want her to have MORE of a say, I want her to cast, I WANT her input on everything that is Gotham City Sirens, because I trust Margot. I don’t trust him.

Now, I could be wrong. I highly acknowledge that, I honestly welcome it. I could be writing this all for nothing and Gotham City Sirens could be the best thing since honey in tea. However, RIGHT NOW, I have to question where this movie will be headed. I never want to doubt a movie, especially a movie with already amazing source material and content. Gotham City Sirens are honestly outstanding comics and they should be treated as such and these girls should be treated as outstanding women. It’d be a shame to come all this way, just have someone completely dismantle something fantastic and mess it up for everyone for their own personal vision. A director wants to put his vision on screen, but when that vision is a complete left from an already awesome creation, it really defeats the purpose.

I have 20% faith in this movie and 80% concern. I want this movie to be great, but with the recent run of DC movies, I can’t see this happening. I want Wonder Woman, Justice League, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg to be incredible, I never want to doubt. But I have to, I have to doubt, but I still hold out hope. Especially for Margot and especially for our future Sirens.

* Note:  I call David Ayer, Mr. Ayer because we can’t be friends. Sorry… Mr. Ayer. I love your movie Fury.

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