The Ghost Butterfly Comic Featured

The Ghost Butterfly

Writer and Letterer: Rick Quinn
Artist: Martyn Lorbiecki
Publisher: Aurora Comics

Review by Jay Borenstein

The Ghost Butterfly Comic CoverWhen a cataclysm hits, how do you come to terms with losing the ones you love?

This 20 page one-off written by Rick Quinn and gorgeously illustrated by Martyn Lorbiecki seeks to answer this question in a short and sweet tale that left me wanting a little more.

The Ghost Butterfly follows David, a survivor of the apocalypse, rooting through the ruins of civilization with his colleagues. While he seeks supplies and tries to find hope for the future, he’s locked in the past of losing his beloved wife. The story jumps back and forth between the present and the past, giving you a glimpse of the moment the world changed forever, as well as David’s quest to seek forgiveness.

There is little dialogue in this story, and, when the characters do speak, it actually removed me a bit from the feeling of the tale. The writing breaks up the element of mystery and mystique that Lorbiecki’s art manages to achieve. Perhaps because it’s only 20 pages I felt that this story was a bit rushed; you never truly get a chance to know much about David and the world before and after the collapse, so it’s hard to sympathize with his quest because of it.

That being said, the premise is intriguing and the ending leaves a bit of mystery as to the nature of David’s loss and whether or not the result of his search was real or just in his mind. Quinn’s writing and Lorbiecki’s art hint at a world and a love story that I wanted to know so much more about, which is a testament to the world-building that is achieved in this short story. I only wish it could have been fleshed out a little more to offer me a chance to truly exist in the world with David.

Verdict: Check it out.

This comic is available for only $2 on both Gumroad and ComiXology. While I can’t claim to have loved The Ghost Butterfly, take a look at the preview to view Lorbiecki’s gorgeous art. If it draws you in and you’re up for a bit of mystery in an urban wasteland, then I’d say this one’s worth your time.

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