The Division 2
Genre: Open world Shooter
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft
Platforms: XBox One, PS4, PC

Washington DC isn’t safe from the craziness that happened over in New York City in the first game. So naturally heading there next is on the to do list as a member of the Division, and the White House is the new base of operations. Running around Washington DC and shutting open car doors never looked or felt as good as it does in The Division 2. Building on the already impressive visuals from the first game, the day/night cycle and the rain all look breathtakingly gorgeous. They nailed the shooting mechanics. The guns handle differently and are satisfying to shoot. You aren’t just poppin’ off enemies. You’ll also get a lot of loot, which is good considering this is a loot-based shooter!

Outside of just travelling through Washington, saving various people and running missions, there is also 4v4 multiplayer and, of course, the Dark Zone–both have their own levels separate from the main game. In multiplayer mode you can run death match or king of the hill, and while it certainly feels different than running through the missions in the regular game, the sense of teamwork is still present. Working with a team and communicating is key for victory and will break up the routine of running around the world.

The Dark Zone has been improved. The introduction to the hybrid PvP section of the map is broken up with story based missions in the Dark Zone telling the player how it works… before throwing them into the fire.

The Division 2 is always online and pausing isn’t an option, but that doesn’t mean you need to be with another player. Running around Washington and doing small side missions gives the world some more flavor and personality, and calling in random players for backup is only ever two button presses away. If you’re feeling benevolent, you can help out another player when they need it, and even if they’re at the end of the mission, you’ll get just as much experience for helping them finish it as you would if you were there from the start. The fact that the player doesn’t need to wait for people to join while they play is a very nice feature. 

The Division 2 is at its best when you’re playing with friends sitting at the same level as you and going through this massive game together. Playing with friends who aren’t the same level is a little tricky. If you’re level 5 and your friend is level 15, all of the enemies will also be level 15 and likely kill you in one shot, so be aware! The game has made some big improvements over the start of the first game, mainly with the spongy characters. Some enemies will take longer to kill than others, but at least you won’t be shooting the same enemy for ten minutes.

Reaching level 30 isn’t the end of the game. The Division 2 is massive and there are lots of bounties, and more raids to come later this year. You should also check in from time to time to loot for better gear. From running through the Dark Zone to playing some death matches to building up your bases to better support you out in the open world, there is lots in The Division 2 to explore.


Buy it! The Division 2 builds on the first game and moves the series in the right direction. The road map for the coming year is full of awesome content that will keep you coming back.

Chris Becker

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