Tamen De Gushi is back and I have another chapter to recap for you all. In the last chapter Qin Xiong made his return alongside his brothers hat which Sun Jing washed and ruined. So what can we expect in this chapter. Will another character make their long awaited appearance or will it be back to the plot? Let’s find out…

It’s pouring it down in….wherever this manhua is set (I have no idea what location it is) and Sun Jing decides to text Qiu Tong whose stuck in the rain, Sun Jing believes she needs an umbrella…

…yeah alright this is a really cute chapter, happy?! I’m getting slightly bored of these two at the moment. I need some angst, some drama, I’m even willing to put up with another basketball arc. Again this is another chapter where I cannot tell if it’s following the main plot or if it’s been added as a special. I’m getting waaay to lost with these chapters and specials.

The first panel is absolutely gorgeous. I love the use of minimalist colour and fading. It’s such a dramatic looking panel and yet not much is happening in it. Sometimes less is more and this panel really proves it.

Sun Jing deserves the title of ‘Best Girlfriend Ever’. She loves Qiu Tong soo much. Maybe the reason I’m not enjoying this constant romance is because deep down I’m a bitter old lady.

Next Chapter:
I want to see another character please. Somebody. Anybody. I still want to know if Peach Hair Girl is okay, it’s been too long and I NEED to know that she’s okay and that she’s not that heartbroken. Also what happened to the girl who got drunk in Qi Fang’s party? I wonder what happened to her?!

You can read Tamen De Gushi here.

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