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It’s been a while since our favourite girls of manhua have appeared in Tamen De Gushi but lo and behold, Tan Jiu blessed us with a new chapter last week (cheers all around). In the past couple of chapters we saw the basketball competition coming to a close and another competition beginning.

Luckily, last chapter, Tan Jiu surpassed the actual competition and we saw Sun Jing losing, again. I do hope there will be no more competitions for a while because that basketball arc went on for too long!

If I’m honest, once they were about to start an eating competition I was this close to giving up on Tamen De Gushi. The plot was moving too slowly for me and it wasn’t as enjoyable. However, the ending of the last chapter was really cute and I decided to stay with it for a little while longer. Hopefully this new chapter will make me feel like I made the right decision.

Sun Jing is waiting for Qiu Tong to finish school. As Qiu Tong is making her way out of school her friends catch up with and ask question about Sun Jing which catches Qiu Tong by surprise. Whilst they’re walking together Sun Jing invites Qiu Tong to Qi Fang’s birthday!

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We have a party coming up! I’m excited about this storyline! Will something happen at the birthday bash?! Who knows. I can see a few story lines developing in this particular arc we’re going to get as everyone will be at that party! I can see the arc going on for a while but it’ll be a bit more interesting than the previous arc; it focused on one thing and one thing alone. At least with this upcoming arc, we can primarily focus on each character individually, and on whomever they’re paired with.

Qiu Tong is definitely aware of Sun Jing’s presence; she also shows signs of jealousy and it’s adorable. I feel as if their relationship is going to hit a rough patch soon, maybe at the party. Or maybe this party will be it; maybe this event will bring them together! I cannot wait to find out!

You can read Tamen De Gushi here.

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