Screen shot 2017-06-23 at 16.40.59It’s been two weeks since the Second High basketball team lost to South High in this cute little yuri manhua written by Tan Jiu. The last chapter ended on the cliffhanger with the bully from South High demanding that the Upperclassman keeps his end of the bargain (the deal being that if South high wins, he’ll have to publicly apologise to him). So, what has happened since? Let’s find out…

Our first panel sees Upperclassman apologising to our South High bully. He states clearly (and distinctly) that they had lost the game, and to keep their side of the agreement, here is their apology and he hopes to play against them again. Sun Jing is still slightly miffed at losing the game and the South High bully has no problem rubbing it in, however the whole event does not end on a sour note….

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Opinion (SPOILERS)
I didn’t expect Upperclassman to make an apologise, I see it as a bit of an anti climax to such a long arc. However, it shows such a positive side of the Upperclassman who at the beginning of the manhua is slightly creepy. I guess the artist decided to go with a different route with the Upperclassman’s character and I think that’s a good thing, especially when it comes to his relationship with Qin Xiong which is eventually going to develop. I also love the ending where the bully of South High tells them they should play against each other again (someday). Again, another nice character trait to a character that isn’t exactly great.

The ending between Sun Jing and Qui Tong is adorable! It opens up to a new arc so nicely and hopefully to how their relationship progresses. I’m also looking forward to how everyone else’s relationship progress. From the bully to the timid girl on their basketball team to Qi Fang and the student officer. This mahua can take so many directions and I cannot wait to see what happens!

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