Tamen de Gushi #125

Tan Jiu is back in business after heading to Thailand on Chinese New Year. Just like Old Xian, Tan Jiu had a well deserved holiday and break from her job but now she’s back and recently updated her manga with Tamen de Gushi #125. Last time we were introduced to the Class President and we were given his backstory so where has the story gone from there? Let’s find out!


The game between the South High Team and the Second High team is about to begin! A crowd of South High students have gathered around the basketball court, including Qiu Tong. They’re about to begin but upperclassman suggests that the referee should be a student from their school since they came to their school and are surrounded by South High Students. The South High Team agree to the request. Qiu Fang steps in as referee and decides the first ball by using the heads and tails method. Second High gets the ball and the game begins!!


What an awesome new chapter to begin the New Year with! Now that all the characters have been established we can finally start the story! I honestly cannot predict how this is going to end, which is great. This chapter has left me wanting more to see what’s going to happen. I feel it might all go downhill after this chapter or Sun Jing might end getting hurt by the rival team.

Qiu Tong’s reaction to Sun Jing playing is very cute. Obviously this is the first time she’s seen her play basketball (an activity that Sun Jing excels at). You never know, it might just be this situation that gets Qiu Tong’s attention! Upperclassmen is still my favourite, even though his character has changed slightly since the beginning. I prefer him being more reserved, unlike the first encounter we had with him where he comes off slightly creepy. I also can’t wait to see how Class President does in the basketball game since it was revealed in the last chapter that he cannot play at all!

You can read Tamen De Gushi here!


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