Okay, we missed 205 Live yesterday. Happy birthday to Kalisto, but here’s my secret: I actually hate go-home shows. It’s like the Friday in class before a Monday exam. I already know the test is coming. What do you have left for me? Some people undoubtedly enjoy the anticipation, the little story-telling hints for the big show, the speculation surrounding bigger events. Me? No way. Just tell me the answers. Fast-forward me to the end of the night.

Here’s the go-home recap for this week’s NXT: turns out, it was actually pretty fun.

Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford (W) vs. Tino Sabatelli and Riddick Moss

Tune into this match for all the moments of people having awesome times awkwardly grooving to the entrance themes. Also tune in for the feud, to be honest, which is a fun and low stakes squabble between two versatile teams that has made them both popular with the FUll Sail crowd. I’ve found Angelo Dawkins to be a charismatic and engaging wrestler for ages. The ‘Curse of Greatness’ was cursed to hold him back.

His partnership with Montez Ford in the Street Profits seemed like a curious choice in their first few backstage videos. They’ve really come together — even though Moss and Sabatelli have been dominant forces in the ring in their singles matches. It makes sense when the Profits get the best of them in this opening contest.

Wake me up inside (SAY MY NAME)

Yes, I do understand how the meme works, don’t correct me. Aleister Black vs. Velveteen Dream is a great feud that I’ll eventually reflect on as part of the pantheon of strange, questionably queer storylines wrestling has accidentally stumbled into over the years. I genuinely believe there’s a chance Aleister Black loses Sunday, somewhere in my heart. This is one of the matches I’m most excited for this weekend, which is absolutely a credit to both of these wrestlers.

Lars Sullivan vs. Raul Mendoza

“He harkens back to the days of sports entertainment when men where men, and women and children were scared.” Okay, Nigel. Lars Sullivan absolutely destroys Raul Mendoza, attacking him again after the bell to prompt Kassius Ohno to slide out and throw elbows. I love Kassius Ohno’s beautiful hair and casual style. Lars, however, laughs in his face. I’m happy to see KOhno back in the ring, but this match feels a little too slapdash to be too hyped.

Is William Regal Setting Johnny Gargano Up? 


“You need any help with the accent?” William Regal offers to help Johnny Brokenhearted pretend to be British. The rumors about a UK Championship match at TakeOver clear up as he says, “Pete Dunne called me and issued an open challenge to anyone in NXT for the UK Championship!” The match will air on next week’s NXT, along with Ruby Riot and Sonya Deville’s grudge match.

Dad Jeans Champion of the World

Bobby Fish looks great in this War Games package! Love that casual thumb in the belt buckle pose against the fence. Adam Cole (Bay Bay) declares that the Undisputed Era live by one rule, “Do not start a war that you cannot finish.” One way or another the war’s coming to an end this weekend at War Games, but who’s coming out on top?

Mercedes Martinez vs. Ember Moon

Ember Moon has rad new gear and can’t stop smiling about facing Mercedes Martinez. After the end of this match, you won’t be able to stop smiling either. This has the quick pace and hard hits of a scrap between two people who have faced each other time and again. Martinez hits a trio of beautiful snap suplexes and some thunderous chops, but it’s Ember Moon who gets the pin with the Eclipse. Nikki Cross, Kairi Sane, and Peyton Royce all slide out to interrupt her celebrations, but there’s no scrap. It seems like Mercedes may have left Ember in a tough spot with just a few days to go before the women’s championship match — and all three of her opponents are eager to find out.

Drew McIntye, Extremely Tall and Very Wrong 

Why does Drew McIntyre hate Zelina Vega so much? Is it because she’s so cool? Because she’s so talented? Is it because he loves friendship and feels personally offended by the way she’s repeatedly thrown Tommaso Ciampa’s betrayal in Johnny Gargano’s face? It probably isn’t.

Drew gets in a few cheap, lazy shots about Andrade’s masculinity because he’s mad he’s not cool enough to have a manager like Zelina, who throws herself into Drew’s arms from the top turnbuckle to distract him long enough for Andrade to hit his hammerlock DDT. I think this match is going to be great, but I’ve accidentally wound up on Team Almas. Get you a client smart enough not to let some salty jock’s sexist jokes get to him.

The TakeOver: War Games card is set. We’ve got a few threads hanging loose to pick up for next week’s show already. Rogues Portal Wrestling be back before TakeOver with a predictions post, so get your picks ready!

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