Star Wars Adventures #2

Writers: Cavan Scott, Elsa Charretier, Patrick Colinet
Artist: Derek Charm, Elsa Charretier
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Publisher: IDW Publishing

A Review by Greg Brothers

Just a few short weeks ago we were introduced to the new Star Wars Adventures series from IDW. The purpose of the series has been to feature some of the characters from The Last Jedi in solo adventures. Each issue will feature a main story that will fall within canon while the secondary story will not.

In the main story Star Wars Adventures #2 picks up right where issue 1 ended. Rey is trying to come up with a plan to rescue Unkar Plutt. She feels responsible for selling him the droid that people are looking for. In the secondary story Emil Graf is once again sharing one of his many tales. This tale focuses on Evaan Verlaine as she tries to stop a star destroyer from destroying a rebel base.

Star Wars Adventures #2 in general is a great all-ages book. The stories tie in a nice combination of both established and new characters. The violence that is in the book is cartoonish in nature and none of it is lethal. And, the subject matter is all appropriate for any age.

Rey is depicted in a way that is consistent with the character that appears in Force Awakens. While her main goal is to survive, her personality forces her to seek out justice. Rey’s resourcefulness is on full display throughout this short story as well–as is evident with her use of the commlinks. The story takes place before Force Awakens, so Scott had to find the balance between the potential of what she would become versus what she is at the time. It is a line that Scott is able to navigate well. 

The art in the first part of the story continues with clean and sharp lines. While more cartoonish in style, all of the established characters are easily recognizable. And, the unique character designs and setting fits within the Star Wars Universe.

In Star Wars Adventures #1 the second story was told by Emil Graf and his crew as they collect and tell stories. Star Wars Adventures #2 follows that foundation as Graf and his crew tell another story. The story is short and is more of a ground-level type fight rather than the large scale battle that is normal within the Universe. While the story does not fall within canon officially, it could be easily adapted to do so. It is a feel-good story that brings a smile to your face.

Verdict: Buy it!

Star Wars Adventures #2 continues the fun-filled family-friendly adventure. If you have a child who has an interest in the Star Wars Universe, but you think might be too young for the movies, this a great introduction. The stories are easy to digest and understandable even for the newest of Star Wars fans.  And, the art is simple yet engaging.

Gregory Brothers
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