We’ve been given an abundance of awesome shows featuring superheroes lately and getting plenty more. Marvel is on the verge of making it’s own small young adult MCU and I gotta say, I’m on board with it. On the heels of that comes another that I’m terribly excited about.

Marvel has announced Marvel’s New Warriors, following six super powered youngsters living together in a  story of when they first entire adulthood. The best part is that this show won’t be a drama,  it’ll be a comedy and it will be a half hour long show on Freeform (formally ABC Family).

Freeform is also going to be the host of the new show Clock & Dagger, coming to the channel in 2018.

This is kinda dope considering that most Marvel shows are pretty gritty and dramaful, but knowing that Squirrel Girl is going to be apart of the cast perks up your ears and has you absolutely witty.

If I may fancast for a moment: I’d love for them to consider Shannon Pruser or Mae Whitman because those of those girls are the absolute embodiment of what Squirrel Girl can be and they’re super cute!

Marvel’s New Warriors will come to Freeform in 2018 and casting is set to begin soon! 

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