Sprayground, an accessory brand that focuses on quality backpacks reached out to us to review their spectacular new bag in collaboration with the television show Bob’s Burgers. I must say, I’m absolutely in love.

This limited edition backpack collab was announced during the Bob’s Burgers San Diego Comic Con this year. Loren Bouchard, the creator of Bob’s Burgers, joined forces with David Ben-David, Sprayground founder to create the backpack. The Bob’s Burgers backpack is a reimagined design with the central and reoccurring cast of Bob’s Burgers. They’re designed in, out and around the infamous restaurant and the Belchers’ upstairs apartment. However, with a great twist, the crew of Sprayground also make themselves known in the mix of this world on the back of the pack.

In addition to telling you about this backpack, Sprayground took it a step above and beyond. They were ever so lovely and sent me one for review.

Guys, I’m so in love with this backpack. I don’t think I can adequately explain to you how in love with it I am, but I will try. I got the bag on Friday and unwrapped it in such joy. This is my first backpack with multiple compartments. I know, I’m behind the times. I usually buy small or standard bags. Now that I have this, it will make my traveling life so much easier. 

There are MANY pockets and sleeves for anything you may need. The bag comes with a laptop sleeve inside, inner compartments, outer pocket and all of them are readily available, even if you want to turn around and reach. I decided to go on a weekend couple of adventures with the backpack.

On Saturdays, a friend and I prepare for our annual podcast night. I usually take a lot with me to meet up with her. We record our audio from my laptop. I carry handwritten notes in two notebooks. I always take a book with me, wallet, headphones, my mic (we have two) and an extra sweater (it gets cold). After packing, I set off on my adventure of the Saturday but also had to make some stops along the way. 

Many people stopped to ask me where I got the backpack. Patrons at the coffee shop, bookstore, and grocery store were all so into it. It made me happy to represent an awesome product. I gave them the information and expressed my surprise about the number of people who stopped me. So, if you buy it, it’s a conversation starter. As I traveled, the back support and straps along the shoulders were so lightweight. I almost forgot I had the bag on! 

It was easy to unpack my things and repack after podcast night. It was big enough for all my stuff, and hers when we needed to step out for a bit that night. We hiked up a long hill before heading back home for the evening at my request. I wanted to see if the backpack was really into its back support and by god it was. I was so happy by the end of the night, even with the heavy things in my back, it didn’t feel heavy at all.

Usually, with a product review, I like to do the pros and cons of a product. I find myself unable to do that because there are no cons. This backpack has it all, and I’m already planning to use it for my vacation, and I will be bringing my Louise ears with me.

The Bob’s Burgers Insanity backpack is $65 on Sprayground.com. The Bob’s Burger’s backpack, like all of the pieces on Sprayground, are limited edition. So, if you’d love a piece of Bob’s Burgers merch with a great design, price, and quality, you’ll want to your hands on this without a doubt. 

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