Recently, I stumbled across a Youtube channel that I actually found interesting – GameHut. From the channel’s own info: “GameHut was created by Jon Burton to share all things game related. After 29 years as Director of Traveller’s Tales/Tt Games, he thought it was time to share some behind-the-scenes looks at game development.” I have no idea why it doesn’t mention anything about Sega there, as Jon Burton was also the original programmer for Sonic 3D Blast on the Genesis. One of the first forays into the 3D world, the game didn’t receive astounding reviews in its time, but as with most retro games, it now has a decent appreciation and stands out as the only isometrically 3D Sonic game.

If you already know all this, you probably know where I’m going. After a little digging on his website, you’ll find a great deal of behind-the-scenes stuff and prototypes from his Sega days. You’ll also find the greatest gem (emerald?) to a retro fan – an updated patch for Sonic 3D Blast that re-integrates many things left on the cutting room floor due to hardware limitations.

This patch is called Sonic 3D Blast DX for those people who (legally!) have some way to run roms of games. The site has links to tools you’ll need for easy patching as well. It was released on Steam as an update to a previous Mega Drive collection under the Steam workshop with this trailer.


If you’re feeling the need for some slippery running and lovely chessboard aesthetic (or even if you’ve never played Sonic like this) go give Sonic 3D Blast DX a shot! It’s a solid update to a… charming entry in the Sonic series. I’m going back to watching more Sonic R secrets from this guy.

Thor Bagnariol
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