Shut Up and Take My Yen have so many products on their website for every type of geek/nerd/weeaboo/otaku out there! As Christmas comes ever closer, here is part three!

For those of you who haven’t seen the first two articles, Shut Up and Take my Yen is a free online magazine which is run by Weeaboos for Weeaboos. While they’re not watching anime, they display and sell the best of anime, gaming, and Japanese related merchandise. Many items listed on the site return a small commission for referral (Etsy, Amazon, etc). They will post anything and everything and they post some really cute stuff too! They also take requests for getting your products you think belong there on their website.

Super Saiyan God Heat Mug

A must-have for that die hard Dragon Ball Z fan and coffee lover. A cup is an easy yet reliable gift to get a person during the Christmas period. A cup to resemble their taste whether it being a film/anime/artist shows if you’ve put thought into that mug gift of yours! And once hot liquid is poured inside, this heat reactive mug will change Goku into his new transformation! Pretty neat!
Website: Amazon

Yu-Gi-Oh Monopoly

I love Yu-Gi-Oh and I do love Monopoly and Christmas is that time of year when you do tend to play boardgames with your loved ones and then never play them ever again! There are so many different Monopoly editions to be had it’s hard to pick the right one, but if you or any other family member likes Yu-Gi-Oh then I’ve found the perfect Monopoly for you! Choose your favourite Millennium token and travel around the board collecting and trading Duel Monsters. To defeat your opponent you’ll have to own the strongest team!
Website: Amazon

NES Controller Coffee Table

Okay, this is very expensive at $10,000 which is a lot for a coffee table, but damn this is a damn good looking coffee table! This custom made coffee table is actually a giant playable NES controller! When the glass top is removed, this luxurious piece of gaming furniture doubles up as a fully functional controller for an intense gaming session of the classics!
Website: Bohemian Workbench (Etsy)

Street Fighter Hadoken Plush

Daniel (my partner) is a big, BIG fan of Street Fighter so I’m really contemplating getting him this adorable plush and then surprise him with character plushies here and there.This fantastic and fun plush perfectly replicates Street Fighter’s most iconic attack. Throw it at your enemies or friends! I’m loving the shades of blue (Hell I might even get this for myself. Merry Christmas from me to me)!
Website: Amazon

Spirited Away Haku Umbrella

Located in Wales, we usually see about 40 sunny days. The rest of the year it pours down rain. So an umbrella is a must and this is a gorgeous umbrella. This beautiful umbrella will definitely catch the eyes of everyone you pass by! Inspired by Haku’s dragon form, this bubble umbrella can also be personalized with your name, making sure to get plenty of looks from jealous Spirited Away fans. For $127 you need to be a die-hard fan of this masterpiece!
Website: KortneySunshine (Etsy)

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