You hear that sound? That is the sound of a thirsty fandom being QUENCHED beyond imagination.

Producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman took the stage at SDCC, along with art and voice directors of the show Phil Bourassa and Jamie Thompson. They were joined by veteran voice actors Stephanie Lemelin and Troy Baker to proper hammer home they were not screwing around when it came to this presentation.

Then came the trailer.

much of the first few minutes are devoted to a recap of the previous season’s build-up to the war between Young Justice and the Light/Reach alliance. However, once it starts delivering new footage. It rarely lets up. Brought together for one last job, OG Justicers Nightwing, a VERY bearded Aqualad, Superboy, and Artemis get the band back together. Along with a wealth of new heroes, they aim to shut down a metahuman trafficking ring based out of Markovia.

We are treated to tons of quick cuts of set pieces, including Superboy facing down The Main Man Lobo and Dick Grayson straight up kneeing a dude in the chin. We also see our new heroes Forager, FREAKING METAMORPHO, and Halo in action. And CAMEOS, holy crow does Outsiders seem stocked with cameos. Throughout the trailer heroes and villains like Captain Marvel, Doctor Fate, Ra’s Al Ghul, Orion of the New Gods, and many, many more are peppered throughout. It proves that this season will continue the show’s great use of the deep bench of characters this universe has to offer.

Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere on the DC Universe streaming service sometime in 2019. Until then, enjoy this sizzle reel about eight more times. I know I will.


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