Injustice 2While our full review for Injustice 2 will be published next week, here is what some of the staff has loved about the second big time brawler from DC and Netherrealm Studios.

John Dubrawa

I’ve only put about five hours into Injustice 2 so far–and mostly just the story mode–but I can safely say this surpasses the original game in every way. Graphically, this game is phenomenal, from the way the characters move to their facial animations during the campaign. The gameplay is largely the same from the last go-round, but there’s so much more built in to game from loot boxes to gear to daily and weekly challenges that it feels like an entirely new game. I haven’t even cracked open a large chunk of what this game has to offer–I don’t even know what joining a faction does and I haven’t even been online–but I can’t wait to spend more time with it and uncover all that this game has waiting for me.

As far as the mobile version is concerned, I’ve spent even less time with that but it seems relatively solid given it’s a free game (designed with plenty of opportunity for micro transactions). I played the first Injustice mobile game only because linking it to the console version granted special costumes and this one is a similar situation for me. From what I’ve actually played of it, it plays surprisingly similar to the home version, but I’m just not enough of a mobile gamer to want to play this whenever I don’t have access to my console. For those that do enjoy mobile gaming though, the game is completely free so there’s zero risk in trying it out–if only just to get the free costume for the console version.

David Hildebrand

So I have been on the fence about picking up Injustice 2. It has been awhile since I have picked up a fighting game, I liked the first one and can only imagine that they would improve on it. So I bit the bullet and picked it up on Tuesday.

Surprisingly, I dig Injustice 2 more than I figured I would. Right off let me tell you that I am not a single player gamer. I like playing online plain and simple. So I cannot share with you my opinions on the story, I have not started it. The main mode that I have been playing is the Multiverse worlds. Each world is timed, you have so many hours to complete the battles contained within to win “mother boxes”, which is basically a goody box that you open up to obtain gear and abilities to upgrade your character or customize your profile.

I have solely stuck playing with Harley Quinn, I have her up to level 17 and I have gotten all kinds of cool gear to dress her up in. For me, the customization really standouts in the game. I like opening boxes to see the goodies I can customize the characters with. And if you don’t like the gear, you can sell it!

The fighting itself plays the same as the Injustice: Gods Among Us, there are new moves and finishers, but essentially the engine is the same. I have only played four games online so far, there was no lag and it was cool to see how the other gamers are customizing their characters.

So if you liked Injustice, I’ll say it’s pretty safe that you would enjoy Injustice 2 the same, if not more! I will eventually dabble into the story mode, but right now I am happy racing against the clock in the Multiverse. I will say that I like the roster that is given, there are plenty of characters to level up and keep you busy! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to level up my Harley!

Ryan M. Holt

My wife and I finally sat down and finished the story mode the other night and have put in at least two dozen versus matches in. Nothing mends the heart like Supergirl and Aquaman beating the snot out of each other right?

While the actual fighting is fun, with some slight changes from Injustice: Gods Among Us. I still can’t help but be rubbed the wrong way on some of the decisions made to the overall game. Everything is done in the service of the all mighty Mother Boxes, which drop a variety of gear to equip to your fighters. While loot boxes and such are a fun distraction when the rewards are cosmetic (looking at you Overwatch), the loot in Injustice 2 has stat and effect changes for your characters. Is your favorite character from Injustice missing a special move that you like to use to string together combos? Better pray to the RNG gods, because some special moves are locked behind loot boxes as well.

For now, this throws skill out the window in favor for who has the better loot. Eventually this will balance out once the whole of the community has put more time into the game, but it automatically puts any newcomer on the back foot from the get go. In the versus mode there is an option to disable stat benefits from loot and another option to bring characters to the same base level, but these options are hidden in nebulous unlabeled menu screens. I am not sure if these options carry over into the online versus mode, but I sincerely hope they do, otherwise expect to get dominated by the player who has done nothing but play since hour 1 and has gotten lucky enough to get a full set of legendary gear with Deadshot.

Despite all of these gripes though, I can’t stop playing Injustice 2. The constantly refreshing challenges present in the Multiverse mode is a great way to balance out your skills and push you outside of your comfort zone of only playing one or two characters. Playing dress up is fun, but a lot of gear has a level requirement so you better get used to playing everyone if you want to see every clothing option available.

The mobile version is fine as far as a Free-to-Play game is concerned. It a great distraction on my commute, but the roster isn’t as deep as the console version and super moves always hit, so there is really no skill involved. You get a free skin for Cyborg if you link it with the console version though, so that’s really cool.

Ryan M. Holt
I am a Colorado based freelancer and graphic designer who loves games, movies and technology. I love seeing cool characters do cool things. My wife, son and two stupid cats keep me grounded. Follow me on twitter @RyanMHolt

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