Writers: Salvatore A. Simeone, Steve Simeone
Artists: Nik Virella, Isaac Goodhart
Color Artist: Ruth Redmond
Cover Artist: Maria Nguyen
Letterer: Ariana Maher
Editor: Sebastian Girner
: TKO Studios

Stories about the apocalypse have been told many times — stories about the end of the world, the new beginning, or whatever you want to call it. Eve of Extinction is such a story. In Eve of Extinction, a mysterious virus hidden in the rain turns all men who come into contact with it into monsters. While this event unfolds, two mothers are on a mission to find their daughter in the midst of the chaos, hoping they’ll get there before it’s too late.

If anyone has seen Netflix’s The Rain, this concept might sound familiar. It’s a concept I find very cool and interesting, because how do you escape from rain? The element that Eve of Extinction adds — the bit where the rain only affects men and it turns them into grueling monsters — makes it all the more interesting.

The story building is nicely done. There are some bits here and there where I felt like a panel was skipped and where I had to look at the previous panel again to make the right connection between events. But other than that, there was a good buildup. I also love that this story has many badass female characters whom I would love to know more about. There was a lot of excitement in the comic that kept me turning pages fast to find out what would happen next, so that’s a big compliment on my part!

Now onto the art. The cover art is honestly amazing, and I really dig the style, so big kudos to Nguyen. The art of the comic itself is just as amazing. While reading, I kept thinking “what a nice and smooth art style.” It personally really helps me read things with more ease. But the things that caught my eye the most were the monsters. They looked absolutely horrifying and disgusting. You can tell a lot of creativity went into designing them, so I am super impressed with them!

All in all, I really enjoyed reading Eve of Extinction, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone else! You can order Eve of Extinction here.

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Horrifying monsters


Badass women

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