Where is Zog? Graphic Novel
Creator: Jeff Martin

Review by Josh Rose

Where is Zog? is the brainchild of Canadian comic creator Jeff Martin who was inspired by a song of the same name by the metal band GWAR. Where is Zog! is the comedic adventure of two aliens Grum and Zill, who have crash-landed on a strange planet and have to avoid being eaten by the locals while searching for Zog.

Martin has built a fantastic universe. An ancient alien empire greater than anything in the universe today has attempted to colonize the planet that Grum and Zill have crashed on. Most of the residents they meet are trying to eat them. They’re able to communicate with most of the intelligent alien species they encounter and survive being attacked. Martin handles this with comedic flair that keeps readers laughing and the threat of becoming a meal never grows dull.

At times I found the panel layout to be difficult to follow, but I believe that to be the fault of its format, the transition from a webcomic to a physical book. His colours sell the fact that these two aliens are on an even more alien world. Purple trees, yellow skies, all the way down to very blue fire.

The Verdict: Buy It!

Where is Zog? is a fun little adventure about two aliens trying to survive on a primitive planet while searching for Zog. While inspired by the heavy metal band GWAR, Where is Zog? is nowhere close to being similar in content. The biggest question I have isn’t where is Zog-but who is Zog?

Josh Rose
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