Reggie and Me #1
Archie Comics
Writer: Tom DeFalco
Artist: Sandy Jarrell
Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letters: Jack Morelli
Review by Insha Fitzpatrick

unnamed-4Archie Comics is doing a damn good job turning out these reboots of the classic comics and Reggie and Me will be another one that people will love and enjoy.

Reggie and Me #1 stars the infamous and villainous Reggie Mantle and a new addition to his life. After seeing Jughead and Hot Dog together, Reggie decides that it’s time for him to get a little best friend of his own and that’s when Vader, the cutest little puppy imaginable comes in. Vader narrates this story, giving us the deepest look into Reggie’s life that we’ve never seen before.

We can’t go into deep spoilers with this one, but we can totally talk about some of the things that Reggie and Me are doing that are absolutely brilliant.

If you’ve read reboot of Betty & Veronica so far, you know that the format of Hot Dog narrating the piece is very lengthy, complicated and sometimes seems out of place. However, in Reggie and Me, the narration by his dog Vader feels just right. He’s not an outsider looking in like Hot Dog. He’s not over explaining or under explaining. His narration for him and Reggie feels right, inclusive and compliment the comic very well in the comic.This dynamic duo very much compliment each other as well and it totally helps when your owner has the same personality as you do.

Tom DeFalco brings out a side of Reggie that a lot of people aren’t used to seeing and that’s what needed in order to ground him. People just think off the bad when it comes to Reggie. The pranks he pulls, the way he treats Archie and the gang and his villainous attitude makes him seem like a bad and dislikeable person, but Tom dives into the life that not a lot people get to see, including a glimpse into The Mantle household. It made me even like Reggie Mantle and I LOATHE that kid to pieces. It’s the perfect reintroduce of Reggie to new readers while keeping the same Reggie Mantle that classic readers know, love and loathe.

Sandy Jarrell takes the reigns in making this world come to life and it’s absolutely stunning. Sandy’s art very much stays close to the Archie comics now, but it’s also so very much different. There are so many details that catch your eye and attention. She makes this world realistic and gorgeous and in each and every panel, there’s always something new to see. Sandy’s art mixed with Kelly Fitzpatrick’s colors are like a dream. There’s no guess that Kelly is one of my favorite colorists. The way that she combines colors on the page is nothing less than extraordinary. (If you don’t believe me, go and read Shade, The Changing Girl…). The art and colors are so simple in Reggie and Me, but they ground Reggie like Tom’s words does.

Reggie and Me #1 is the start of another classic character reboot of the brilliant Archie Comics and it’s very much needs your attention. It’s simple, but smart and that’s the nice thing about this comic. You get a little bit of backstory, but you’re still craving to know more about this guy and his puppy.

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