Happy Friday and a hearty and healthy HI-KEEBA to you and yours! If you are anything like me, you value traditions; a Wicker Man during Fall, Doctor Who at Christmas, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 for Thanksgiving. But this year is gonna be slightly different, and I felt like it was my duty to inform you.

If you watched the trailer above (or went so far as to READ the title before clicking on it), you will see that Turkey Day is coming a little early this year! This SUNDAY in fact! Again the movies are top secret, but this Sunday, starting at 12 pm ET/9am PT, series creator Joel Hodgson, new test subject Jonah Ray, and plenty of special guests will be ringing in the 30th Anniversary of the experiment with a whole heaping helping of bad movies and comedy.

And the binge continues on actual Turkey Day (this Thursday, November 22nd). Our benevolent overlords Kinga Forrester (eternal crush Felicia Day) and Tv’s Son of Tv’s Frank AKA Max (personal hero Patton Oswalt) unleash Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet on our screens! This time Jonah and the bots will be subjected to six truly awful movies. These films include Mac and Me and The Asylum’s Atlantic Rim, just to name a few, in one continuous marathon! We, obviously, have the choice to not, but where is the fun in that?

So, stop stealing car antennas and wondering if there is beer on the sun, and prepare for Turkey Day! Be seeing you.

Justin Partridge
A writer, a dandy, a Friend of Tom, and a street walkin' cheetah with a heart fulla napalm. He has loved comics all his life but he hasn't quite got them to love him back just yet. That hasn't stopped him writing about them or about any other media that hoves into his sights. He can usually be reached via the hellscape that is Twitter @J_PartridgeIII or by e-mail at justin@betweenthepanels.com.

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