Another day, another article devoted to my experience with Overwatch and this time, I decided to try another couple of Arcade games. I still haven’t really stepped into a proper game yet outside of playing against the AI… the whole idea there super intimidates me.

I know I said that I was freaked out about trying to play with others and then it turned out that I had been playing with others all along, but I still don’t feel like I have a proper grasp on the characters and I don’t want to bring that level of inexperience into the main game.

3V3 Elimination
I played this on a whim (and to get cool Loot Boxes) and was absolutely useless to my team (I’m SO SORRY!!!!) Everyone else was Level 20 or higher and then I stroll in with like, Level 8 like HEY EVERYONE, WHAT’S GOING ON?! Again, I am so sorry.

I’m still trying to get a grasp of the characters and who I like playing as best and this was not a good way to figure that out. If you aren’t good at a character and get eliminated, that character is eliminated from your team’s pool that they can choose from in the next round.

I tried playing a bit as Lucio here and just wound up dying pretty quickly. Somehow our team managed to win though and I got residual glory (and Loot Boxes!) for that… even though I definitely did not do anything to help out there.

The other Arcade game that I tried was Deathmatch and I actually surprisingly really enjoyed this. I didn’t do exceptionally well but out of eight players, I came in third and fourth a couple of times which made me feel super good about my abilities (or inabilities…)

Within Deathmatch, I tried a number of different characters since when you die, you have the choice of respawning as someone new. I played a lot as Junkrat which was a lot of fun – I don’t think I put any real effort or skill into this character. I jumped around a lot and fired my gun pretty well constantly. I tried to be a little bit stealthier at times and make sure I was moving as much as I could but some of the other players are INTENSE.

Orisa was fun too for a bit, once I figured a few things out, but I ultimately played mostly as Junkrat throughout the Deathmatches I participated in.

Tracer was another character that I hadn’t tried out before and got into a bit during the Deathmatch rounds. I had a pretty decent grasp on her after a bit but I think I need to work at that some more in order to get better. I think one of the big things with Tracer is making sure that you use her teleportation a lot to your advantage and I was very panicked and flailing around trying not to die. She needs someone who can calmly get her around the room and use the powers she has to take down others with precision.

I think by the end, I was getting worse more than I was getting better but that’s when I knew it was time to call it quits.

As of the end of this session of gameplay, I’m just shy of Level 10. I’m pretty impressed by how quickly that I’ve built up my levels but I expect without playing in more intense games and without playing in a more competitive environment, leveling up much higher than that will be difficult.

Still, I really enjoy Overwatch as a way to get a quick gaming fix in. Of course, I never really wind up playing for only 1-2 matches… I always intend to only play for a little bit and then low and behold, it’s 11:00pm and I need to get up early for work in the morning. Oyyyy vey…

Stephanie Cooke
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