Nova #1 
Writer : Jeff Loveness, Ramon Perez
Ramon Perez
Ian Herring
Publisher: Marvel

A review by Adrian Hodgkiss


My pull list usually includes books with a more adult theme and feel. So when I picked up NOVA#1, a book about a teenage space-travelling superhero, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I usually gravitate toward books with at least a T+ rating.

Honestly, this was my favourite #1 book for a while. It is to me, the perfect marriage of good comedic writing, brilliant artwork and great coloring. I decided to approach this book by imagining I was my eldest son as I leafed through the pages. On this occasion, I, or rather He, would not be disappointed. The book is a well-paced and well-balanced work that spends as much time addressing Sam Alexander’s bumbling social awkwardness as it does his adventures in space.

The comedy and the banter both aimed at, and delivered, by Sam throughout NOVA #1 speak to an understanding of how a 15-year-old boy interacts with his peers. This felt genuine and funny which is always a winning combination. Jeff Loveness has worked as a TV writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live and has also previously written the Groot series during the recent Marvel Secret Wars Event. He brings that real feeling of fun and levity throughout the book, you get the feeling that Sam enjoys being NOVA and Jeff is enjoying telling his story. He gives Sam the snark you would expect from a 15-year-old superhero, as well as a vivid imagination.

We do meet Richard Rider again in this book. His appearance here is more fleeting than Sam’s but offers an element of mystery and maturity to open and close the book which I feel worked really well and was quite impactful.

The art in NOVA #1 is pretty awesome. Ramon Perez is a very popular and well-regarded artist and actually a personal favourite of mine. The style is perfectly suited to this T-rated series. His versatility and ability to capture the character’s essence is wonderful. A zombie, a space explosion, a teen in his underpants, you name it, Ramon nails it in this issue. The daydream sequence in full-on cartoon style is particularly spectacular. I have to say I am quite taken with this combination.

Top this off with the varied and wonderful color work by Ian Herring and you have an awesome trio that more than does justice to this series and the great runs that have come before. I could go on and on about this book but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.

The Verdict
Buy it!
I loved this book and I know my son will too. I smiled throughout and I was left amused and intrigued about where this could be going. Just a good fun book that is so different to my usual tastes. The sequence with Ego the living planet is worth the entry fee alone.

Adrian Hodgkiss

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