Resident Evil fans could have cause for celebration, as Capcom may have dropped some information about the next entry in the long-running horror series. On August 29, Capcom posted a teaser website for a game called Project Resistance, and while the website does not have any overt reference to Resident Evil, it is hard to miss the two letters in the logo highlighted in red: RE. It’s a technique Capcom already used for the logo for the last Resident Evil game, highlighting the last three letters in “EVIL” to give the impression of the roman numeral VII.

Details for Project Resistance are scarce at this point. Capcom has announced little other than the logo. However, it is unlikely that Project Resistance is a main entry in the series, as the next entry – Resident Evil 8 – has already been announced for the next generation of consoles, so a trailer or additional information is likely quite a ways off. In the past, Capcom has experimented with the different gameplay styles in spin-off games, such as Resident Evil Survivor (2000) – which used a light gun – and Resident Evil Outbreak (2003) – which featured multiplayer coop gameplay, so if this is a spin-off game, it is possible that the gameplay may be different than what we expect.

Regardless of the details, the news is exciting for fans of the series. Resident Evil 7 (2017) was both critically acclaimed, winning numerous awards, and financially successful, moving over 6.5 million units, making it Capcom’s fourth highest-selling game as of June 2019. It’s clear that since its first entry in 1996, Resident Evil has maintained a dominance within the horror video game genre.

We will definitely know more about Project Resistance in coming weeks, as the trailer is set to drop on September 9th at 8:00 a.m., PST, on Capcom’s Youtube channel. Additionally, Capcom says that the game will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show, which starts on September 12th, so we’ll likely get even more details from attendees who are lucky enough to get some hands-on time.

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