Oh My Doctors. *uncontrollable screening of pure joy and happiness* Enough of that, now let’s get to the important stuff. 

Time is certainly fleeting these days. It feels like only yesterday fans were greeted with the announcement of ‘Twice Upon A Time,’ the Doctor Who Christmas finale. As well as, the reveal of our new Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. The new showrunner Chris Chibnall, cast, and crew of Doctor Who is set to take the reigns, but it doesn’t make it any less of a sad affair. 

Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who is still a bittersweet and sad end. Capaldi’s stay as Twelve made me believe that Doctor Who can reign itself in and be good again. He was MADE to be The Doctor. It seems like after his turn the fans that have stuck around might be getting more of what they’ve been asking for all along. A sense of diversity in the world of the Doctor with new and bold arenas to explore.

The updates fans have received from the new upcoming series have been nothing short of fantastic. BBC has not only announced the Doctor in Whittaker, but new forthcoming companions in Mandip Gill as Yasmin, Tosin Cole as Ryan, and Bradley Walsh as Graham. 

Today, the BBC has given us another lovely little look into what Doctor Who holds for us (and, to me, the most important). A first look at the new outfit for the Thirteenth Doctor!

Now, if you’re not a Doctor Who fan and don’t know the importance of the iconic outfits, you’re certainly missing out. The Doctor’s outfit has been a long-standing staple of WHO The Doctor is. Each Doctor carries a different look that’s very much attached to their personality and what kind of Doctor they are. 

For example, Capaldi as Twelve was very stern, but he was also playful and youthful, even if his appearance said otherwise. Smith as Eleven was a hipster-vibed Doctor that resonated with the quirky kids. Each Doctor has their specific type of way they dress to express themselves. With their wardrobe, they also carry a new change for the series. For the Thirteenth Doctor, we’re given that first look of how she might express herself in the upcoming season. Spoilers: it looks SO DAMN GOOD. 

If you guys recall, we thought we saw a hint of her wardrobe revealed in the “Meet the Thirteenth Doctor” trailer hit for the new season. Thirteen wore a heavy dark grey overcoat with a black hoodie. It looked to be left over from Twelve’s regeneration, but we couldn’t be too sure. However, with this new reveal, we see the original stylings of Thirteen and how she separates herself from Twelve into a whole new identity. 

The Thirteenth Doctor almost harks back to the color scheme of the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davidson) and Fourth (Tom Baker). It also has an underlining influence from the most recent companion, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie). The outfits quirky and cool, yet simple and not over the top. It carries the Doctor into this age and time. Yet remains something that’s going to be a stamp in Doctor Who time. I mean, peep those amazing ear piercings! This outfit leaves all cosplayers (including myself) with a height of excitement to get this outfit together. 

Everything upcoming about Doctor Who is so exciting. Again, it’s still sad and bittersweet because of Capaldi’s departure. However, knowing that the next series has gotten a stamp of approval by him with incredible news like this is so very worth it. So, there you have it. That’s the latest in WhoNews. How excited are you about the new Doctor, companions and upcoming Series 11? 

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