Mystery in Madripoor #1
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Thony Silas
Colors: Felipe Sobreiro
Letters: Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel Comics

A review by Greg Brothers

Wolverine has to be one of the most complicated characters in the entire Marvel Universe. He has lived longer than almost anyone and been part of several wars, lived in all parts of the world and known by many names. So, it makes sense that once it was discovered that his body was missing that many people would want to help find him. After sending several other teams out to look for clues to Wolverines disappearance Kitty Pryde has taken her own team of X-Women to Madipoor to question Magneto about Wolverines disappearance.

From page one, panel one it becomes obvious that Mystery in Madripoor #1 is going to focus on the relationships that Wolverine had with the different members of the team Kitty has put together. Each member is given their time to remember Wolverine. It allows Zub to go back and explore how complicated a character Wolverine is. For Betsy he was a beacon of truth, for Storm he was a vulnerable hurt man, and for Kitty and Jubilee he was a leader. The flashbacks are a nice touch and a great reminder of the impact that Wolverine has had. The main focus of Mystery in Madripoor #1 of course is trying to figure out the role that Magneto has had in Wolverines disappearance. While the answer remains a mystery by the end, to focus on who the enemy in the book becomes obvious.

The art is bright. The colors in many of the panels jump off of the pages. With many of the pages they are filled with these open scenes that are then surrounded by the other panels. The style of the flashbacks has a thin line work that somehow make the panels feel as if they are in the past. The character designs match what you would expect with any of them. There are several panels where the ladies come off as larger than life.

Mystery in Madripoor #1 really reminds the reader all the distinct roles that Wolverine took on in his life. It is obvious that Zub took the time to understand the complicated character that Wolverine is and show that to the reader. While we do not get many clues as to where Wolverine is, we do get a story that helps to add to the legacy that is Wolverine.

Gregory Brothers
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