Starring: Ryan Reynolds, John Brolin, Zazie Beetz, Morena Baccarin
Director: David Leitch
Writer: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Ryan Reynolds

Review by Mia Santos

Spring is here!!!! Which means the blockbusters come out to play, and that includes one of our personal favourites, SUPERHERO MOVIES! I know everyone is busy raving over Avengers: Infinity War but move over Thanos! Your blockbuster reign is about to end. Deadpool is back in town! I had the immense pleasure of attending an early screening of the sequel, Deadpool 2 this week and just like the first one it did not disappoint! The film earned it’s R rating once more and kept many of the antics we all enjoyed from the first installment and turned them up a notch.

The story, which FOX has done an amazing job keeping under wraps, is still very dark with it’s funny, raunchy moments and incredibly graphic fight scenes. We are also introduced to a slew of new characters. Time traveling mercenary Cable (Josh Brolin) and Deadpool’s rebel against the X-Men, his own crime-fighting team, X-Force. Very original, I know. The team includes the very cool Domino (Zazie Beetz), Bedlam played by Terry Crews and Peter, just a regular guy with no powers who saw the ad and thought it would be fun.

The sequel hits the ground running. Starting with Deadpool trashing his apartment and tying himself down to barrels of gasoline. He complains about fellow Canadian Logan’s final film installment with the same name and warning us that he too will be dying in his own film. I was happy to see they kept it meta, breaking that fourth wall with more ease and more references to our world vs. the Marvel world. Wade Wilson is Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is Wade. Both are Canadian, and that is f**king awesome! Not long after, we’re dropped mid-action in a gory fight scene where we find Deadpool is still killing the bad guys and working with Dopinder, the lovable Taxi driver from the first installment and still going strong romantically with Vanessa.

Not even 15 minutes in, the film takes an incredibly dark turn that then brings us to the opening credits that keeps the gag from the first one going with Produced By: Did that really just happen?, and Written by: the real villains while Celine Dion’s song Ashes plays along.

I don’t want to give too much away because there are titillating twists and turns, some brilliant cameos to look out for and a surprise villain some may not be expecting. I will say this, Deadpool finds himself in the lowest of lows yet again. He eventually tries to save the fate of a young mutant boy whose future is riding on an event that needs to be stopped from happening.

Anyone who may not have been a fan of the first film may enjoy this one more. There is no more backstory since that was taken care of in the first one. It has a lot more depth, and it ups the anti that much more with offensive jokes, bloody scenes and a soundtrack that would make your dad proud… minus the dubstep. If you thought the first one took it too far, maybe stay home for this one. What are you doing seeing Deadpool in the first place you Snowflake?! But if you thought it couldn’t be taken far enough, you’re in for a fantastic 113-minute ride!

Josh Brolin is well casted and incredibly sexy as Cable. He’s menacing, brooding and dark yet deep down inside he’s just a family man who’s come from the future to avenge his wife and daughter’s death. Just like Wade points out you’d think he came from the DC universe! Zazie Beetz as Domino is a refreshing addition to the franchise and the brains of the X-Force operation keeping Deadpool in check and proving to him time and time again having lady luck on your side IS a superpower. She is the perfect combination of a nonchalant badass with a sprinkle of just being so darn lucky! She steals the show during the convoy scene. Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are back too along with a slew of other characters you’ll have to discover yourself!

There is nothing at the end of the credits like we are now all trained to expect in Marvel films. But possibly the BEST post-credits ever done in history happen immediately after the film ends including another small scene midway. After that, you can run to the washrooms and relieve yourself from that large drink you had during the show!

Definitely worth seeing on the big screen! There are so many awesome, action-packed and funny moments that are a must see in theatres! Although Wayne claims this is a family movie despite the hardcore R rating, this is a leave-your-kids-at-home film. Trust me on this one! You deserve that break anyway!

Mia Santos
Mia is a Toronto based writer and filmmaker. She is a self proclaimed comic book nerd, film buff and cat enthusiast. She has one short film under her belt titled Catch Up (2012) and you can read more of her film reviews on her blog The Catty Critic on WordPress.

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