Moonshine #3

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist and Colors: Eduardo Risso
Letters: Jared K Fletcher
Publisher: Image

Reviewed by David Hildebrand 

moonshine3I’m going to sound like a broken record today because I’ve begun my first two reviews of Moonshine with the same thought, but I am going to do it again with Moonshine #3. GANGSTERS AND WEREWOLVES!!! This has been an incredibly fun series so far. Moonshine could easily have gone one of two ways. It could have been really cheesy and over the top, or the pretty solid story that is presented today. I am pleased it is the latter because Azzarello and Risso are really conjuring up something brilliant with this werewolf tale.

The last issue left off with Pirlo being chased by a werewolf that happened to land on the car he was driving causing him to hit a tree head on. Prilo saw the werewolf kill Tucker, one of Holt’s sons that was very keen on doing a deal with Pirlo to sell his father’s liquor. Moonshine # 3 picks up right after the chase. Pirlo’s found by the kids in the African American family that he crossed paths with back in the first issue.  Pirlo ventures out of the shack he was put in to recover and encounters Delia, who appears to know a little bit about what is going on.

Pirlo makes his way back to his hotel where he is greeted by reinforcements that Joe has sent to help him seal the deal for the liquor. Pirlo isn’t pleased that Joe has sent in Fat Tony, Other Tony, Ducky and company to help him. Ducky makes it clear that he really has no option in the matter and that is that. Pirlo has other ideas, he has no intentions of going back up on the mountain and makes an attempt to escape, only for the Holt’s family to intercept him on his way out.

The story is heating up! Azzarello has written an exceptional story so far that has kept me intrigued. Things got interesting in Moonshine #3. Where will Pirlo go from here? Pirlo has got himself caught right in the middle of some shit and no quick way out is in sight. I have liked Risso’s art throughout each issue so far. He is still doing both the artwork and the colors, both are excellent. I really liked the gangsters in this issue that was sent to help out Pirlo. They remind me of the old Bugs Bunny gangsters and then there is “Other Tony” that just looks like a weasel. I hope he gets caught in a werewolf’s mouth!


Buy It! Once again, GANGSTERS AND WEREWOLVES!!! And things are starting to get interesting. Pirlo is the tough guy gangster who is beginning to look a bit soft, but I’m pretty sure he never encountered werewolves in the big city! Moonshine has been a lot to read so far and I’m looking forward to see what exactly Delia knows and the fate of the other characters. If you are into the genre of horror or gangsters, then Moonshine is for you! Add it to your pull list!

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