Unicorn Evolution

Mobile Gaming: Unicorn Evolution

Genre: Casual
Developer: Tapps Games
Platform: Android

A review by Amelia Wellman

Unicorn EvolutionThe Evolution series just got a fabulous touch! Claimed by our beloved players, unicorns are here to stay… and to mutate… a lot! If having a giant horn in the middle of the head wasn’t already enough, the most majestic of all creatures are about to get the Evolution treatment we all know and love. New to the series is the Pantheon: a place for supreme beings to look down on us mortals and laugh at our misery, and Impostors trying to steal the unicorns’ spotlight. Check out the Unicorn Evolution today for this and more!

The gameplay of Unicorn Evolution is super simple. All you need to do is drag and drop matching unicorns on top of each other to create new unicorns. Two white unicorns make a blue unicorn, two blue unicorns make a green unicorn, and so forth and so on. It’s a lot like the number multiplication game 2048 but you’re combining unicorns with little squishy sound effects instead of numbers. Which is infinitely better!

The unicorns, depending on the size (and therefore importance), lay eggs worth varying amounts of coin which you can use to buy more unicorns to breed them faster or upgrades to the gameplay that include coin collection when you’re not playing, faster unicorn drops, or an automated feature that puts the unicorns together for you.

As simple as it all is, Unicorn Evolution is ridiculously fun and addictive! The music and sound effects are funny and bubbly, the artwork is like adorable little doodles coloured in with the brightest colours available, and the gameplay is easy and relaxing with a story thrown in to keep you combining unicorns to find out what happens.

Admittedly the game can be a little glitchy. There are crashes, slow downs, and blank screens, sometimes all at the same time! But it’s fast to load up, does no lasting harm, and can be played offline, which is always something I appreciate in a mobile game.

Unicorn Evolution

Since Unicorn Evolution is a mobile game, there are micro-transactions that will try and get your money. The in-game currency is gems. Different levels have different jeweled currency but diamonds are the main base gem. You can get 60 for $2.69 all the way up to 3,500 for $66.99. Rubies are priced differently with 300,000 rubies costing $2.69 and 1.2 million rubies for $7.99. There are also upgrades to multiply the amount of coins that will cost you $2.69 to $7.99. You can also pay a separate $2.69 to remove all the ads from the game.

And those ads? There are a lot of them. Almost every time you go into the buying ponies or upgrade abilities tabs you will get a pop-up ad. Some you can opt out of right away but others will make you watch five or so seconds. It’s a pain to be sure. But Unicorn Evolution is pretty generous with the currency. You can watch videos to earn a few free diamonds, or to activate the double coin bonus whenever you want to. Unless you’re really in a hurry, you’ll never need the diamonds, but the coin bonus is a godsend!

The Verdict
Play it!
Oh gosh, guys. This game! I didn’t think I’d like Unicorn Evolution, or it would be ‘eh’ at most, but I can’t get enough of this! I’ve been playing it for days and I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of strange unicorn combinations. It’s so simple and cute but that’s what makes it so easy to fall into. And being able to play it offline cements it as something you should have to kill data-less time with!

Unicorn Evolution is available for Android.


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