Mister Miracle #7

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mitch Gerards
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: DC Comics

Review by Jason Payne

Mister Miracle #7 picks up some time after #6. In the previous issue, Barda reveals she’s pregnant and Scott ends up on the throne of New Genesis. Unfortunately the events of the final panel of #6 are not addressed in this issue, we just know that Scott has become Highfather. All of that takes a backseat though to the most important thing: is the birth of their child.

Tom King gives the reader a surprisingly realistic look at what a couple may experience but with a New Gods twist. Life doesn’t just shut down during situations like this, so of course there are pressing matters of the war at hand which Scott is in charge of. There’s also an uncomfortable interaction that Scott has with Barda’s familyEach page is like watching a sitcom play out over nine panels. It’s a welcome break from the tension and another reminder that heroes are people too with problems that don’t concern the fate of the world.

Mitch Gerards does some of the best eye work in the business. Eyes are what convey emotion for the character, and he’s putting in overtime with this issue as Scott and Barda go from one emotion to the next. Clayton Cowles’s strategic placement of letter work never jumbles the tight panels and do enough to get the point across. One of the reasons Mister Miracle is so good is because of the cohesiveness of this trio and DC’s editors.

Verdict: Buy it.

In Mister Miracle #7, King continues to tell an emotionally compelling story. Scott and Barda are put in one of the most relatable situations which readers can appreciate. Even with the slight reprieve, you still get the feeling that something is going on behind the scenes that I’m sure will play out over the next four issues. The addition of a child raises the stakes for everyone involved, especially with Scott being the newly crowned Highfather of New Genesis.

Jason Payne

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