Misfit City #3
Writers: Kristen “Kiwi” Smith & Kurt Lustgarten
Artist: Naomi Franquiz
Colors: Brittany Peer
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Boom! Box

Review By Greg Brothers

With a mini-series, it is important that the pacing of the book is done in a way so that it continues to introduce new components to the story, while working towards a satisfying conclusion. Unfortunately, in many series you end up with pacing that is off, however fortunately for fans of Misfit City the series is avoiding many of those pitfalls already.

Misfit City #3 picks up shortly after the end of the second issue as the girls make their way home after the chase that ended with them getting shamed on social media. Unfortunately for our team of would be treasure hunters, as they get closer to the answers they seek, others are starting to put the puzzle pieces together themselves.

For me a third issue in a series, even in the best series, is always the weakest. Many times, that third issue feels like a filler issue where the wheels just turn bit not allot happens. Misfit City #3, is able to avoid most of those downfalls. The story continues to move forward as a pace that is engaging and exciting without being overwhelming. The characters continue to grow as more of their personalities are revealed and their personal stories and lives are explored. Smith and Lustgarten also are able to avoid the stagnation that haunts some middle parts of mini-series by introducing a new component to the story that adds more intrigue.

Franquiz’s are continues to shine throughout Misfit City #3, as lines and character designs toe the line between realistic and cartoonish. Peer’s variety throughout help to set the tone in each panel as they switch from late night driving to family time and home and finally to an abandon light house. While there is variety in those panels they come together beautifully enhance the story that is being told.

Misfit City #3 does an excellent job moving the story forward as the girls continue their adventure of finding the hidden treasure. The character development continues as we learn more about each of the girls and their families. Misfit City #3 continues a story that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike with a with a feel-good mystery that focuses on the importance friends and family.

Gregory Brothers
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