Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink #1-6

Story: Brenden Fletcher & Kelly Thompson
Script: Tini Howard
Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Colorist: Sarah Stern
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Publisher: Boom! Studios

A review by Christoph Staffl

You might already have guessed it, but the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink mini-series tells the story of the pink Power Ranger Kimberly Hart. Thanks to the success of the main series, the publisher decided to give her a spin off. This way we can accompany her to her very own adventures. I am not really sure though, were to put this series in the timeline of Power Ranger stories. Maybe you can help me with that. At the beginning of the story Kim has left the Power Rangers, to go after her dreams and live her own life. This leads me to the conclusion, that it is definitely set after the main series or at least some time in the future.

The question now is: what does one do, after leaving the Power Rangers team behind? Kim is and always was a gymnast and it is only logical to see her perform at the Olympic games. She is happy and does what she loves. But the relationship to her mother could be better. To work on that, she wants to visit them in her hometown: St. Moineau, France.

But something is wrong. The whole village has turned into a ghost town. No birds are singing, no humans to see. Just some really ugly sea monsters. Goldar and his partner Verto invaded the place, to beginn an invasion and finally earn the trust of their former masters (Rita and Zedd) back. The human sized monsters look exactly like those things from old movies and TV shows. It is really great and you will instantly have a nostalgic feeling. The whole setting seems to be like that. A touch of horror there, a bunch of monsters here and you have the perfect starting point for a new Power Rangers adventure and Kim is the perfect kind of character for it.

Before I read the whole story of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink, I thought to myself: why her? I didn’t really know her, so I couldn’t expect anything. But she is a strong character and now might be my favourite one. She obviously knows how to fight, takes care of herself, but can also except help from others. Two locals, who have survived so far, show her the origin of the danger and with the aid of some friends they take on the villains.

Power Rangers comics and their stories overall are always about a team, not just a single character. One of them might be in the center of the story, but they are never alone. The mini-series shows this aspect perfectly. Kim doesn’t have to fight alone. She has her former allies Zack and Trini by her side. Zordon and Alpha-5 also assist as best as they can and one of them even trusts her with his life – literally! My expectation however was different. I thought I wanted a Kim centered story, without any interference of other Power Rangers and stuff like that. A really deep and personal experience. Instead I got more than that. Because when the life of one Power Rangers is in danger, every Power Rangers life is in danger. They are not just a team, they are a family. And to quote Dominic Toretto from Fast & Furious: “You don’t turn your back on family”.

The Power Rangers universe is a very big place and you can feel it on every page. At the beginning of the story Zordon tells Kim about the current team and her former colleagues. I instantly wanted to know more about them. Who are the current Power Rangers? What is the secret mission of Jason? Why does Zordon have two spare Zords? Some of these questions get answered, some of them don’t. This is why I sincerely hope to get more of these mini-series.

The Verdict
Buy it! Buy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink! Buy every comic with a Power Rangers and BOOM! Studios logo on it. I already told you the great things about the story, but did not mention the brilliant artwork. It is the perfect match between the old horror movie feeling and the modern touch of the Power Rangers. The action flows seamlessly from panel to panel and the quiet moments are equally well implemented. I can’t recommend this series enough.

Christoph Staffl

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