Midnight Task Force #1

Writer: Mark London
Artist: Alejandro Giraldo
Letterer: Christian Ospina
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios

Review by Greg Brothers

The truth is I am always looking for new comic books to read. Be it from one of the big two companies, to the independent, to the self-published, I will seek out books that sound interesting. So, when I heard about Midnight Task Force #1 I was interested. Described as a cyberpunk detective story in a dystopian society, it sounded like it was right in my wheel house.

Midnight Task Force #1 introduces us to Aiden McCormick who is the leader of an elite military group. They are sent in when the military needs a job done quickly and with little complications. McCormick for his part can run through all the scenarios and develop a plan that is efficient. Unfortunately, eventually, as the team finds out, you cannot account for every scenario and things go wrong.

The first six or seven pages gives the reader a good idea of who these characters are and what makes them tick. We get an idea of their family, their hobbies, and their dreams. While London presents some good dialogue and interactions here, he also tips his hand to what is coming next. From there, the focus on McCormick is where some of the shortcomings of the book become obvious. I assume that we are supposed to feel for McCormick and what he has been through. Instead, his grim and dark personality make him as unlikable to the reader as he is to those around him. Maybe future issues will soften those rough edges, but by the end of Midnight Task Force #1 I had no compassion for what is supposed to be the main hero of the story.

The art is passable through most of the issue. However, it is hard to tell where the drawing ends and the digital effects begin. While it makes the art look pretty in some panels, it also creates art that feels lifeless at times. Additionally, there are a few panels where the point of view is distorted, including one particular panel where a character’s arm seems to be on backwards.

Verdict: Skip it.

It is frustrating reading a book like Midnight Task Force #1. The potential for an enjoyable book is there, but it feels like London decided to play it safe rather than push the envelope. Maybe the second issue will be able to redeem the series as the end has me intrigued as to what is to come, but for now this is a reluctant skip.

Gregory Brothers
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