Medisin #2
Writers: Jeff Dyer and Mark McKeon
Artist: David Brame
Colors: Joaquin Pereyra
Letters: Adam Wollett
Publisher: Action Lab Danger Zone

A review by David Hildebrand

I find the subject matter of Medisin to be fascinating. After reading the premier issue, I was scratching my head on how no one has ever created a story dealing with villains and their health care until now! Heath care at the moment for us in the United States is a sensitive topic right now. As you are reading this, Congress has decided to delay their vote on the health care bill until after July 4th. Happy Birthday, America! But I digress. Perhaps the bad guys in Medisin have a clearer idea then what we are currently dealing with in the real world. Nonetheless, the story gets a lot more interesting in Medisin #2.

We learned in the first issue that a ruthless villain named Malady oversees a group of specifically chosen doctors to care for and heal his villain counterparts. However, if the doctors step out of line, they are sure to feel Malady’s wrath. In Medisin #2, Dyer and McKeon takes us deeper into the world of the doctors as we learn more about them, as well as their patients. We are introduced to new characters, Dr Linden, Dr Stribling, and an abused sidekick named the Crimson Crow. With Dr. Linden, we witness that his past in the medical field was challenging, filled with mistakes, and Malady in a way is giving Dr. Linden a second change at his chosen career. Meanwhile, Crimson Crow just got his ass handed to him in battle and confides into the beautiful Dr Stribling, which opens up a whole other world of troubles for them both.

Medisin #2 heavily focuses on its characters and I am thrilled when I read stories like this. I love action as much as the next guy, but characters make or break a title. From the stereotypical bad guy to a mentally abused feline villain, the characters in Medisin are so diverse and intriguing. I wouldn’t mind seeing one shots of origin stories with a few of these guys. Brame and Pereyra continue to kill it with the art. I especially enjoyed the transition of the bold colors to the washed colors during flashbacks. Some of the panel layouts look busy but it doesn’t distract the flow of the story.

Buy it! I would love to go more in depth about Medisin #2, but I can’t! I don’t want to spoil this for anyone! The story is original, the characters are complex, and the art is gorgeous! I will definitely be picking up issue #3!

Dave Hildebrand
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