Star Wars has captured the imagination of millions since Mark Hamill first played Luke Skywalker in 1977. Going on nine films, several TV series, video games, comics, and novels, Star Wars only gets bigger each year. Fans of the cosmic series might cosplay their favorite character at conventions, buy collectibles, or have epic lightsaber battles. Some even create their own films to share their love of the series.

Most of these fan-films are more than just kids creating their own lightsaber battles and posting them, and some are created with incredible effects that rival major blockbusters. From Cops spoofs, epic battles between good and evil, and war films spanning galaxies, there is something for every Star Wars fan to enjoy. And these Star Wars Fan-Films are the best that Youtube has to offer:

Darth Maul: Apprentice
One of the greatest things about the Prequels was Darth Maul. The enigmatic killing machine that captured the imagination of millions didn’t get nearly enough screen time, and this 17-minute clip attempts to capture who he was before the events of Episode 1. This short film is about one of Maul’s last missions as an apprentice when a team of Jedi land near his hidden base. Featuring incredible special effects and CGI, this is probably one of the best lightsaber battles to ever be choreographed.

Vader Episode 1: Shards of the Past
This is an excellent character study of Darth Vader in the time between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. It shows just how powerful Vader is, and at the same time, how weak he is because of his refusal to move on and fully embrace the Dark Side. Enjoyable acting, an awesome lightsaber battle, and great special effects. I look forward to Episode 2 of this series.

Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade
Displeased with Solo: A Star Wars Story? Then this is the film for you! Right from the start, Han Solo is in a bar fight and caught cheating at cards, but throughout the first scene, he’s still trying to smooth talk his way out. The filmmakers here absolutely nailed Han’s character, from how he talks and gestures to his demeanor and attitude. The costuming is another extremely well-done part of a film that looks like Lucasfilm could have produced it.

This film is about Jedi Ko Hoshino, who lost her sight. As she constructs her lightsaber using the force, we see her youthful days of training under Master Jaan-Xu and her brash and impatient attitude. This film has amazing special effects to show off force abilities. If you’re looking for a film to watch more lightsaber battles, this isn’t the one you want to watch. What it does give is a deeper look into the philosophies of the Jedi.

Odyssey: A Star Wars Story
Star Wars isn’t just about the Jedi, the Sith, and the Force. It’s also about rebelling and resisting unjust political regimes. Odyssey is the story of a group of soldiers sabotaging an Imperial Base and interfering with the execution of a local Rebellion sympathizer. Like Rogue One, this fan film puts the “war” in Star Wars. It’s an excellent, high-quality film that you would expect to be official canon.

Bucketheads: A Star Wars Story
Titled after a nickname for the Stormtroopers, this film shows how everyone is just a person fighting for something. Even soldiers for the Galactic Empire are people. Filmed in Canada, Bucketheads has emotional depth, quality CGI effects, and finally shows Stormtrooper armor is more than just for looks.

Old Republic: Rescue Mission
Mandalorian Bounty Hunters, Mission, and Revan. Fans of the Old Republic, this film is for you! This is full of firefights and lightsaber duels.
The biggest issues with this film are the inconsistent volumes and minor costuming details. Otherwise, this has great action, CGI, and choreography.

The Lost Patrol
This list has mentioned favorite characters, epic battles, and films that really make it feel like a war in space. This film makes sure Star Wars has a Top Gun entry to complete this well-rounded list of films. Lost Patrol feels very similar to the dogfights in the Original Trilogy, using similar shots and script delivery.

There are so many Star Wars Fan-Films available on YouTube. Many of them are just fans sharing their passion for the franchise, so definitely go check out the rest of them.


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