Over the last few weeks Marvel has been unveiling more details, including new numbering, creative teams, and details about what story lines will kick off the Legacy line. On Thursday they announced four additional titles and teams. Check them out below!


OLD MAN LOGAN #31 will have Writer Ed Brisson and Artist Mike Deodato continue on the title that they took over in February. Brisson is teasing the return of a classic Wolverine foe, as The Hand makes its return. However, The Hand is not the only foe that Old Man Logan will be dealing with. He will also have to deal with a new and mysterious foe, The Scarlet Samurai.


DARKHAWK: LEGACY #51 will be written by Chad Bowers and Christopher Sims with Kev Walker on art.  Darkhawk’s issue #50 came out over 20 years ago. This one-shot previews as a way to bring the character into the current Marvel Universe. Bowers has promised that the one-shot will not just end the original series but will set the character up for future use within the current Marvel landscape.  Darkhawk is a character who, over the last year, has gotten attention because of rumors of his inclusion in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which makes bringing him into the current universe especially relevant.


SHE-HULK #159: Mariko Tamaki is joined by new artist Jahnoy Lindsay as the team brings back long-time Hulk enemy The Leader. Tamaki has said that although The Leader and Jen Walters have faced off before, this meeting will be unlike anything else. Jen still deals with being comfortable with her new look and powers since her near death accident in Civil War II. Of note, the title is not only returning to its Legacy numbering, but also returning to the original title name of She-Hulk, leading to speculation of if the Original Hulk will reclaim that title at some point.


SECRET WARRIORS #8, written by Matthew Rosenberg and art by Javier Garron continues after being launched during the Secret Empire event. The Inhumans team is gearing up to come face to face with classic X-Men villain Mr. Sinister. What is it about this new team of Inhumans that has caught the evil made scientist eye? You will have to wait until November to find out.

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