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Location: Southfield, MI
Goal Date: June 20, 2019
Currently Funded: $972 of $5,000 goal
Campaign Type: All or Nothing

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Game nights are fun. Game nights with friends or family playing a brand new game no one has heard of is even better! From Animatopica comes Dogs of the Galaxies, an intergalactic card game adventure featuring dog breeds from other worlds and galaxies.  

Animatopica is an independent gaming company that focuses on creating fun and innovative ways to bring people together, learn about our ecosystem, and get creative with what might be beyond the world we know. Founded by Bond Nwonye, Dogs of the Galaxies is Animatopica’s first venture. This card game is family-friendly, unique, and has colorful artwork sure to capture the eye of even the youngest intergalactic dog breeder.

From the Campaign:

Dogs of the Galaxies is a game about intergalactic dog breeds in which players take turns drawing cards and describing the dogs in them, without showing them. Card drawer also mimics the facial expression of the dog described.

Players then compete to outdo each other by coming up with the weirdest names for described dogs and, sometimes, the sounds the dogs make. The player with the weirdest name, or sound, wins the point(s) for each round. The first to get 10 points wins the game.

The player with the least point(s) wags his or her tail while barking ‘woof,’ ‘woof’ like a dog.”

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Our recommendation would be to back at the $20.00 level. It is a solid, significant backer level that will yield you the core deck plus any stretch goals. The core deck will ship to anywhere in the world.

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The Creative Team:

Bond Nwonye, out of Southfield, Michigan, has a long career in the I.T. field. Prior to launching Animatopica, he shifted gears to focus on the “entertainment, e-commerce, security, and health industries.”

Nwonye took a prior concept for a game, plotted on Excel, and evolved into paper prototypes – simple slips and paper cut & pasted onto cardstock. The creative team tried out three versions of Dogs of the Galaxies, finally settling on the version being funded on the Kickstarter.

Animatopica has grown to a small team that includes game builders and artists located in the U.S. and Europe.

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The Rewards:


$40 – CORE DECK x2



Be sure to read the detailed rewards for each level on the Dogs of the Galaxies – Kickstarter page.


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