Adding to our list of resources for women in comics is our compiled piece on letterers. If you’re looking for amazing women to come on board to your team, may we suggest some of these ladies?

As we did with colourists, this list is comprised of women who are working as letterers and are actively seeking work in that particular field. If there are women who write, illustrate, colour, and do the letters for their comics and no one else, they will be on the Essential Cartoonists list.

Updates and adjustments are welcome. We did checks for as much as we could but definitely could’ve missed someone or need to switch them to another list. Email updates to or comment below. List is in alphabetical order by last name.

Arielle Soutar@howlingarielle
Notable work includes: Remnants, Petrichor.

A page from Afterlife with Archie, lettering by Rachel Deering

Rachel Deering
Notable work includes: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Archie Comics), Amelia Cole (Monkeybrain), Fresh Romance (Rosy Press), Shutter (Image), The Black Hood (Dark Circle Comics), Throwaways (Image), The Fox (Dark Circle Comics).

Joanna Estep@joannaestep
Notable work includes: The Legend of Bold Riley, Smut Peddler (Iron Circus Comics)

Nikki Foxrobot
Notable work includes: The Horus Heresy: Macragge’s Honour (Black Library/Games Workshop), Strike Back (BSkyB/Left Bank Pictures), Agincourt 1415 (Matador Publishing), Angel of Mercy (Shull/Driskell Publishing), Mi Sweethart (Markosia), Mandy: Book of Monsters (Hellbound Media), The Fraternity/Death Raye (Titanium Comics), It Came From Beneath the Sea Again/Vincent Price Presents (Bluewater Productions)

Ariana Maher – @CommentAiry
Notable work includes: Ringside (Image), From Under Mountains (Image), 8House: Arclight (Image), Firebug (Image), Sfeer Theory (Little Foolery), Small Town Witch (Little Foolery), and Crane Wife (Little Foolery/Valor Anthology)

Annie Parkhouse
Notable work includes: 2000AD, Judge Dredd Magazine (2000AD), Doctor Who Magazine (The Transformers (Marvel), Captain Britain (Marvel), Warheads (Marvel), The Blacklist (Titan Comics), Electric Warrior (DC), Tale of the Vampires (Dark Horse), Hellblazer (DC), Tank Girl (Vertigo).

Cardinal Rae – RedBirdLetters
Notable work includes: Rose (Image), Crowded (Image), Coming of the Superman (DC Comics)

Christy Sawyer
Notable work includes: Wonderland (Zenescope), Charmed (Zenescope), No. 6 (Kodansha), Bloody Monday (Kodansha), Dark Horse Presents (Dark Horse), The Only Living Boy (Papercutz)

Nikki Sherman@fivexxfive

Kerrie Smith@pocketkerrie
Notable work includes: Malevolence, IF Anthology (Alterna Comics)

Saida Temofonte
Notable works include: Legends of the Dark Knight (DC Comics), Smallville Season Eleven (DC Comics), Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

Meaghan Tucker@MTcopyright
Notable work includes: Merman in my Tub (Seven Seas Entertainment)

Jodi Wynn
Notable work includes: Black Magick (Image), Wonder Woman Rebirth (DC Comics), Lazarus (Image), Wonder Woman (DC)

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