Colourists are a vital part of any comic book creative team and over the last few years, we’re thankfully beginning to see them get the recognition that they deserve.

For this edition of Know Her Name, we’ve compiled a list of the working female comic artists in the industry, which will be updated whenever we have new names to add in.

I consulted with Kelly Fitzpatrick to clarify a few things when it comes to who we put into this category.

“I think there’s a difference when it comes to comics and there are people who bridge those lines all the time who colour their commissions or who are primarily line artists but color their own work in one shots or on covers. To simplify it, if the person is credited with art/colors, or just the art I’d consider you an artist as opposed to a colourist.”

I agreed with Kelly on these points and narrowed down my list to those who work in the industry as colourists and are actively seeking work in this field. For the purpose of this list and for any updates, folks who are seeking work as artists (who also happen to colour their own work) will be added to the Essential Artists list and Colourists (again, working specifically in this field) will be added and updated here.

Updates and adjustments are welcome. We did checks for as much as we could but definitely could’ve missed someone or need to switch them to another list. Email updates to or comment below. List is in alphabetical order by last name.

Lady Killer – Art by Joelle Jones, Colours by Laura Allred

Lauren Affe@laurenaffe
Notable work includes: Five Ghosts (Image), Villain (Stela), Paybacks (Dark Horse), Hunter Quaid (Dark Horse), Axis Revolutions (Marvel), Ghost Fleet (Dark Horse Comics).

Laura Allred
Notable work includes: Batman ’66 (DC), The Atomics, Daredevil (Marvel), Fantastic Four (Marvel), FF (Marvel), Madman (Image), iZombie (Vertigo), Silver Surfer (Marvel), Lady Killer (Dark Horse)

Michelle Assarasakorn
Notable work includes: Gotham Academy (DC Comics), Isola (Image Comics)

Lesley Atlansky@latlansky
Notable work includes: High Crimes (Monkeybrain/IDW)

Jordie Bellaire@whoajordie
Notable work includes: Injection (Image), Pretty Deadly (Image), The Wake (Vertigo), Hawkeye (Marvel)
Note: Jordie’s work for Pretty Deadly is pictured above in the Featured Image for this post

Tamra Bonvillain@TBonvillain
Notable work includes: Rat Queens (Image), Wayward (Image), Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (Marvel), Angel Catbird (Dark Horse), Strayer (Aftershock Comics), John Flood (Boom), Transference (Black Mask Studios)

Velvet – Art by Steve Epting, Colours by Elizabeth Breitweiser

Elizabeth Breitweiser@bettieb
Notable work includes: Outcast (Image), The Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel), Fatale (Image), Captain America (Marvel), The Fade Out (Image), Hulk (Marvel), Legends of the Dark Knight (DC), Wolverine (Marvel)
Fun fact: As a colourist, she’s credited as a co-creator of Velvet, and Kill or Be Killed – both books written by Ed Brubaker.

Liezl Buenaventura@labuenaventura
Notable work includes: The Jungle Book (Zenescope), The Last West (Alterna Comics), Pet Noir (Kymera Press), Stabbity Bunny (Scout Comics)

Sally Cantirino@thisquietcity
Notable works include: Last Song (Black Mask)

Mara Jayne Carpenter@Gingerjujju
Notable works include:

Triona Farrell@Treestumped
Notable work includes: Weavers (Boom), Assassin’s Creed: Locus (Titan), Neco (Lightning Strike)

Hannah Fisher@HannahFishr
Notable work includes: COSMOKNIGHTS

Shade the Changing Girl – Art by Marley Zarcone, Colours by Kelly Fitzpatrick

Kelly Fitzpatrick@wastedwings
Notable work includes: Captain Kid (Aftershock), Shade the Changing Girl (Young Animal), Supergirl (DC), Josie and the Pussycats (Archie Comics), Reggie and Me (Archie Comics), Snowfall (Image), The Shield (Dark Circle Comics)

Chandra Free@spookychan
Notable work includes: Mice Templar (Image), Sullengrey (Ape Entertainment), The Darkgoodbye (Tokyopop)

Savanna Ganucheau@Srganuch
Notable work includes: Invader Zim (Oni Press), The Ruby Equation (Rosy Press), Toe Tag Riot (Black Mask Studios), D4VE (Black Mask Studios)

Irma Kniivvila – @kniivila
Notable work includes: Joyride (Boom)

Marissa Louise@marissadraws
Notable work includes: Spell on Wheels (Dark Horse), Merry Men (Oni Press), Semiautomagic (Dark Horse), Mystery Girl (Dark Horse), New Type Idol

Leigh Luna@ourobora
Notable work includes: Danger & Eggs

Laura Martin
Notable work includes: A-Force (Marvel), Avengers (Marvel), Black Panther (Marvel), Catwoman (DC), Miracleman (Marvel), Rocketeer (IDW), Spawn (Image), Superman (DC), Thor (Marvel), X-Men (Marvel), Star Wars (Marvel)

Kristy Miller (Hi-Fi)
Notable work for Marvel, DC, Image and more

The Spirit – Art by Gene Ha, Colours by Trish Mulvihill

Trish Mulvihill@trishm
Notable work includes: Brother Lono (Vertigo), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Vertigo), The Spirit (DC), Brave and Bold (DC), Wonder Woman (DC)

Cris Peter – @crispeter

Ruth Redmond@ruth_redmond
Notable work includes: Worst X-Man Ever (Marvel), Deadpool Secret Secret Wars (Marvel), Deadpool (Marvel), Storm (Marvel), Avengers: No More Bullying (Marvel)

Jules Rivera@julesrivera
Notable work includes: Meet the Smiths – Princeless Anthology (Action Lab), Oxymoron Anthology (ComixTribe), Misfortune High

Sarah Stern@Worstwizard
Notable work includes: Goldie Vance (Boom), Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Pink (Boom), The Automan’s Daughter, Mother’s Walk – Star Trek Waypoint (IDW)

M. Victoria Tobado@shourimajo
Notable work includes: Jem and the Holograms (IDW)

Priscilla Tramontano@Pr1ps
Notable work includes: Transformers Till All Are One (IDW), Fine and Private Place (IDW), Godzilla: Rulers of Earth (IDW), Transformers Combiner Wars – Windblade (IDW)

Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh
Notable work includes: Birds of Prey (DC), Fables (Vertigo), Catwoman (DC), Hellblazer (Vertigo), Sandman (Vertigo), Modesty Blaise, Wolverine (Marvel)

Megan Wilson@meganenginerd
Notable work includes: Unstoppable Wasp (Marvel), Civil War II: Choosing Sides (Marvel), All-New All-Different Avengers Annual (Marvel), Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat, And Then Emily Was Gone (ComixTribe)

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