Like our other resource lists from the Know Her Name series, these creators are people working as writers in the comics industry. Some of these creators may also be artists but have worked solely as writers on books.

Updates and adjustments are welcome. We did checks for as much as we could but definitely could’ve missed someone or need to switch them to another list. Email updates to or comment below. List is in alphabetical order by last name.

NOTE: script used in Featured Image above is taken from Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Bitch Planet.

Marguerite Abouet@aya_de_yopougon
Notable works: Aya (Drawn and Quarterly)

Erika Alexander@ealexthegreat
Notable works include: Concrete Park (Dark Horse)

Hiromu Arakawa@hiromuarakawa
Notable works: Fullmetal Alchemist

Vita Ayala@definitelyvita
Notable works include: Shuri (Marvel), Submerged (Vault), The Wilds (Black Mask)

Alison Bechdel@alisonbechdel
Notable works include: Are You My Mother?, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, Dykes to Watch Out For

Corinna Bechko@CorinnaBechko
Notable works include: Invisible Republic (Image), Miss Fury (Dynamite), Heathentown

Emma Beeby@emmabeeby
Notable works include: Mata Hari (Berger Books), Dredd (2000AD), Doctor Who (Titan Comics), Anderson (2000AD)

Marguerite Bennett@evilmarguerite
Notable works include: InSEXTS (AfterShock), DC Bombshells (DC Comics), Angela: Queen of Hel (Marvel), Sleepy Hollow (BOOM!), Josie and the Pussycats (Archie Comics)

Allie Brosh
Notable works include: Hyperbole and a Half

Chelsea Cain@ChelseaCain
Notable works include: Mockingbird (Marvel)

Becky Cloonan@beckycloonan
Notable works include: Punisher (Marvel), Gotham Academy (DC Comics), Southern Cross (Image), The Mire, Wolves, Demeter

Amanda Conner@AmandaRantsALot
Notable works include: Harley Quinn (DC Comics), Power Girl (DC Comics), Starfire (DC Comics), Convergence Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters (DC Comics)

Stephanie Cooke@hellocookie
Notable works include: Oh My Gods (HMH Kids), Huck (Millarworld Annual), Blocked (Little Red Bird Media), Toronto Comics Anthology (Toronto Comics)

Amy Chu@AmyChu
Notable works include: Poison Ivy: Life and Death (DC Comics), Deadpool (Marvel), X-O Manowar (Valiant), Red Sonja (Dynamite), KISS

Delilah S. Dawson@DelilahSDawson
Notable works include: Ladycastle (BOOM!), Adventure Time (BOOM!), The X-Files Case Files (IDW), Star Wars Adventures (IDW), Star Wars Forces of Destiny (IDW), Jim Henson’s Labyrinth 2017 Special (BOOM!)

Kelly Sue DeConnick@kellysue
Notable works include: Captain Marvel (Marvel), Bitch Planet (Image), Pretty Deadly (Image), Avengers Assemble (Marvel), Ghost (Dark Horse), Sif (Marvel), Supergirl (DC Comics), The Witching Hour (Vertigo)

Amanda Deibert@amandadeibert
Notable works include: Sensation Comics ft. Wonder Woman (DC Comics), Wonder Woman ’77 (DC Comics), Batman and Harley Quinn (DC Comics), John Carpenter’s Tales for a Halloween Night (Storm King), Love is Love (IDW), The Secret Loves of Geek Girls (Dark Horse)

Renae de Liz@RenaeDeLiz
Notable works include: Legend of Wonder Woman (DC Comics), Womanthology: Heroic (IDW)

Ming Doyle@mingdoyle
Notable works include: Constantine the Hellblazer (DC Comics), Strange Adventures (Marvel),

Meredith Finch@finchmeredith1
Notable works include: Wonder Woman (DC Comics), Catwoman: Election Night (DC Comics), Rose (Image)

Insha Fitzpatrick@benwyyatt
Notable works include: Oh My Gods (HMH Kids)

Kaja Foglio
Notable works include: Girl Genius, Agatha Heterodyne

Jody Houser@Jody_Houser
Notable works include: Faith (Valiant), Mother Panic (Young Animal), Orphan Black (IDW), X-O Manowar (Valiant), Faith and the Future Force (Valiant)

Tini Howard@TiniHoward
Notable works include: Magdalena (Top Cow), Rick and Morty (Oni Press), The Skeptics (Black Mask)

Kathryn Immonen
Notable works include: Avengers (Marvel), Spider-Man (Marvel), Russian Olive to Red King, Runaways (Marvel), Doctor Strange (Marvel), Agent Carter (Marvel)

Mikki Kendall@Karnythia
Notable works include: Amazons, Abolitionists, & Activists (Ten Speed)

Caitlin Kittredge@caitkitt
Notable works include: Coffin Hill (Vertigo), Throwaways (Image)

Hope Larson@hopelarson
Notable works include: Goldie Vance (BOOM!), Batgirl (DC Comics), Who Is AC? (Atheneum Books), A Wrinkle In Time: Comic Adaptation (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

Kate Leth@kateleth
Notable works include: Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat (Marvel), Spell on Wheels (Dark Horse), Vampirella (Dynamite), Edward Scissorhands (IDW)

Kat Leyh@kaymlay
Notable works include: Lumberjanes (BOOM!), Supercakes, Bravest Warriors (BOOM!), Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems (BOOM!)

Marjorie Liu@marjoriemliu
Notable works include: Monstress (Image), X-23 (Marvel), Black Widow (Marvel), NYX: No Way Home (Marvel), Daken: Dark Wolverine (Marvel)

Leah Moore@leahmoore 
Notable works include:
Conspiracy of Ravens (Dark Horse), Sherlock Holmes (Dynamite)

Ann Nocenti@annienocenti
Notable works include: Katana (DC Comics), Catwoman (DC Comics), Inhumans (Marvel), Longshot (Marvel)

Amy Reeder@amyreeder
Notable works include: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (Marvel), Rocket Girl (Image), Fool’s Gold (Tokyopop)

Gabby Rivera@QuirkyRican
Notable works include: America (Marvel)

Trina Robbins
Notable works include: Vampirella (Dynamite), GoGirl (Image), Wonder Woman (DC Comics), Honey West (Moonstone Books)

Katie Schenkel@JustPlainTweets
Notable works include: The Cardboard Kingdom (Graphix)

Erica Schultz@EricaSchultz42
Notable works include: Daredevil (Marvel), Xena (Dynamite)

Mairghread Scott@MairghreadScott
Notable works include: Transformers Windblade (IDW), Toil and Trouble (Archaia), Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special (DC Comics), Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite (Marvel), Lantern City (BOOM!)

Nadia Shammas@Nadia_Shammas_
Notable works include: CORPUS, SQUIRE (Harper Collins)

Gail Simone@GailSimone
Notable works include: Batgirl (DC Comics), Birds of Prey (DC Comics), Red Sonja (Dynamite)

Louise Simonson
Notable works include: Superman: Doomsday & Beyond (DC Comics), Super Secret Crisis War (DC Comics), X-Factor (Marvel), New Mutants (Marvel)

K. Lynn Smith@KLynnTweets  
Notable works include: Plume

Noelle Stevenson@Gingerhazing
Notable works include: Nimona (Harper Collins), Lumberjanes (BOOM!), Runaways: Battleworld (Marvel)

Amandla Stenberg
Notable works include: Niobe: She Is Death (Stranger Comics)

Margaret Stohl@mstohl
Notable works include: Mighty Captain Marvel (Marvel), Black Widow (Marvel)

Lilah Sturges – @lilah_sturges
Notable works include: House of Mystery (Vertigo), The Literals (Vertigo), Thor: Season One (Marvel)

Mariko Tamaki@marikotamaki
Notable works include: This One Summer (First Second), Hulk: Deconstructed (Marvel), Supergirl: Being Super (DC Comics)

Kelly Thompson@79SemiFinalist
Notable works include: Hawkeye (Marvel), Phasma (Marvel), Ghostbusters (IDW), Jem and the Holograms (IDW), Misfits (IDW), A-Force (Marvel)

C. Spike Trotman
Notable works include: Templar, AZ

Genevieve Valentine@GLValentine
Notable works include: Catwoman (DC Comics), Xena: Warrior Princess (Dynamite)

Magdalene Visaggio@MagsVisaggs
Notable works include: Kim & Kim (Black Mask)

Shannon Watters@shanito
Notable works include: Lumberjanes (BOOM!)

Leah Williams@mymonsterischic
Notable works include: The Totally Awesome Hulk (Marvel), Secret Empire (Marvel)

G. Willow Wilson@GWillowWilson
Notable works include: Ms. Marvel (Marvel), Cairo (Vertigo), Vixen (Marvel)

Tory Woollcott@ToryTalking
Notable works include: Science Comics: THE BRAIN (First Second)

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